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third performance the doctor being again shetched [stretched] upon the supposed lifeless body, the doctor and the patient reanimated after a few seconds jumped up, and all the spectators men and women clapped their hands in [appreciation?] of the wonderful case with a few shouts of joy. When I tried afterwards to convince some [indecipherable][indecipherable] young men that probably all was merely a piece off [indecipherable] - gammen?} - they gravely explained : blackfellows know a good deal more than you think, but they can't tell you and they dare not tell all to other blackfellows."
I have already intimated that the demons in which they believe are in their opinion not altogether evil spirits, but beings possessed of supernatural powers, both for good and evil, though obviously objects of dread. Now in these notions the Aborigines resemble other pagan natives such as the [ancient?] Greeks to whom we are inclined to look up to, as civilized. It is well know that the [indecipherable] ancient Greeks used the term demons, afterwards applied exclusively to evil spirits, for supernatural beings more or less disposed to do good and not merely evil

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