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as a sort of [deity?] or beings of a superior order. He must [indecipherable] agree that if the Aborigines have no other belief than that in some superior [indecipherable] spirit, it may be said the idea of a supreme being exists among them and thus the proof is natural theology for the existence of a deity holier [indecipherable] even with these ignorant and degraded people. In other words I maintain that there is no nation sunk quite so low as not to have some little [belief?], however [indecipherable] and corrupt, of a a deity or deities. We may rest assured there is an innate idea of the existence and [need?] of a deity [remaining?] among all human races,

nor are they [indecipherable] [indecipherable] of [indecipherable] [indecipherable] expectations if [indecipherable] future excit... In some this idea is more deeply rooted, whilst others are more inclined to affex.... [indecipherable]. Some of these Aborigines [indecipherable] at times where I spoke to them of a future? state of existence exclaim, though usually with a blush and no double [indecipherable] to Aborigines. We shall [indecipherable] altogether, white settlers would grace firmly maiantain the probability that they would live hereafter. The idea ofthe [indecipherable] of the soul has [indecipherable] been [indecipherable] to the Aborigines, but I believe this is without foundation and is [indecipherable] an idea which some Europeans seem to [indecipherable] importance to them.
But let me now tell you that I have fully

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