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ascertained that a higher purer notion exists among these Blacks, though it may not be so generally believed as the notion of evil spirits They believe in a superior being whom they call Baiamai.
This Baiamai they believe to be altogether a good spirit possessed of superior powers. I will give you a description such as the Blacks gave me of this Baiamai in their own simple way of expressing these ideas. Baiamai is altogether good and always likes to do good. He always has been and always will be a [indecipherable] [litterally.?] He always did and always will sit down, that is exist. Whatever he wishes to be done, must be done, he only needs command it and it will come to pass. If he wants bread, for instance, bread is laid before him; if he wants fish, fish will come to him out of the water. Hence you will observe we have in him the attributes of eternity of goodness and of omnipotence. F He is always supposed to have a fan. Sometimes himself

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