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This first cut is again & again lacerated [crossed out: & kept
safe open] and not allowed to heal. In some months
until the flesh is [crossed out: so raised] sufficiently raised
as to appear when closed up as if little cords were
lain across the chest & grown over by the skin.
the most remarkable performance of theirs is the way they climb trees of
almost any [indecipherable]. They cut above them little notches & [indecipherable] for the large
toe to rest on, & then they [indecipherable] step by step.
In hunting & fishing they are very expert &
were they less indolent they might often [indecipherable]
themselves better with food than they do. They
throw their [indecipherable] weapons such as the
Boomerang with much precision either after
[crossed out: [indecipherable]] quadrupedes such as the
Wallabi or birds in the air, and it is
susprising how keen they are in discovering
whether an opposum is in a tree. They will
for instance asertain with their quick eyes
from the little scratches on the back of
the tree whether the animal, after going up
has come down again. In tracking each
other they are no less [crossed out: shrewd] quick & sharp. They mostly
can tell each other's foot marks, no
wonder Europeans are so glad to employ
them to track [indecipherable] & in turn [indecipherable]
to track bushrangers.

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