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Fish they sometimes spear often they
catch them with their hands. On the
larger rivers, such as the Barwon, they
have nets. Their [indecipherable] consist almost
entirely in [crossed out: smaller & larger vessels being mainly a piece of wood hollowed and] [in margin: a block of wood is hollowed out with much [indecipherable] [indecipherable]] wooden vessels of smaller & larger size varying
from a quad or two to three or four gallons in
measure, to fetch water in. Warm water
in their original state is made by hot stones
being [indecipherable]thrown into their vessels of
water. Fire they make [crossed out: with two pieces of
wood] by means of friction between two pieces of wood. For
instance, they will lay a flat piece on the ground
or on a stone & take a pointed stick twisting it
around upon the flat peice like a spindle so as to bore a hole
into it [indecipherable] the action till the wood ignites.
But you may guess they prefer to this tedious
method of making fire the flint & steel or else
matches if they are shown them from Europeans.
As mimicks they excel, they have a [indecipherable]
aptitude to imitate any thing [crossed out: Strange as]
odd & [indecipherable] they may [indecipherable], [indecipherable] they
not infrequently amuse themselves by mimicking
any oddities they [indecipherable] in Europeans. At the

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