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same time they are fond of applying nicknames
both to [crossed out: them] some of their own people and to Europeans.
There is certainly a European known to them for
when they are not indolent some adventerous but [indecipherable] name or appellation
indicative of a peculiarity they may [indecipherable]
[indecipherable], whether in his [indecipherable] or [indecipherable]the expression [in margin: The [indecipherable] leads, the [indecipherable]]
of his countenance or his doings or his [indecipherable]
accented [indecipherable] in speaking. Canibalism,
[indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable],has sometimes occurred amongst them, [indecipherable][
[indecipherable] was never so general as among the New Zealanders & [indecipherable]
But I must hasten to the conclusion
lest I should weary you and [indecipherable] finish
with a description of their peculiar form
of government which I would call, [indecipherable]-
[indecipherable]-democratic, if such a term may
be used, that is to say, the elderly men
are the [indecipherable] and often hold meetings
of [indecipherable] to decide questions of dispute
or causes of war, but the younger men say
from 25 upwards are also admitted & have a voice
in the matter. At these meetings they often
make long speeches; the speaker not always
but mostly rises & often speaks with much
animation sometimes they speak more calmy
not without a degree of dignity & even greater
[indecipherable]. But if they cannot agree upon any
point, the minority are not always [indecipherable] by the [In the margin: with the Boomerang in his hand]
decision of the majority. They may decide on
a war excursion against another tribe, yet
they cannot always force those who are opposed

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