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natural propensities, their indolenence,
want of for thought, their various kinds
of foods, their few acquirements as to
netting spearing sewing
their better art of making weapons
and other implements their fishing
hunting ornaments &
I concluded by describing
their form of government, the elderly
men and more or less all who had
attained to the full age of man [indecipherable]
[indecipherable] the rest not by any fixed
laws but by traditional custom,
no one being [indecipherable] speaking
a chief among them by right, though
some by superior attributes or
exploits in war might [indecipherable] a
[indecipherable] [indecipherable] influence.

And [indecipherable] I could add in [indecipherable]
of my subject that this peculiar form
of government admitting of no [indecipherable]
[indecipherable] in rank, but allowingeach man
a share in their circustances &
decisions as many questions arising
among them stamps a feeling of

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