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[indecipherable] amongst them of course as a matter
of [indecipherable]. Various weapons
are employed in their duels it may
be the spear or the the cudgel or some other
weapon such as the [written above: [indecipherable] or] mulga shaped
like the boomerang but at one end
fashioned something like an axe.
Both parties
have their their friends to watch them. They feel
most idignant to be called cowards,
still I must confess most of them
often display great cowardice,
from whatever motive, they were on
most occasions glad, if some one,
especially a European, interfered &
prevented a conflict. [crossed out: even when
it came to quarrel between dif-
ferent tribes] I was sometimes both
pleased & amused when any one of them
was afraid to fight a duel, or when
a number where to enter into some
combat or a whole tribe into a battle
with another tribe, one party
would usually inform me with
much apparent alarm as to the seri-
ousness of the affair with a view that
I might interfere. This I generally

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