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of this outrage , a few of the Mudgee tribe
some months after, went across to [Crossed out: Wellington]
the McQuaries and, after having watched
some McQ. Blacks for a few days one
morning suddenly surprised two or three
of them when bathing in a deep water hole not
many miles below Wellington, and these
threw their spears & other weapons at
them till they sunk in the water. This
caused great consternation among the
neighbouring Wellington tribe. They came to
[indecipherable] and remained in this neighbourhood
for some months, night after night appre-
hending to be suddenly surprised by
the [indecipherable], & [indecipherable] tribes. Repeatedly they
encamped just below my garden
and gave one [indecipherable] than once a friend in
the evening, to leave my ketchen door & the
back door of my house open that they might
take refuge on my prmises should the
enemy come, telling me at he same time they
would call me up when they were attacked.
Several of them have been my former scholars,
and were personally perfectly innocent in
the whole affair. However the enemy never
came & they returned after a while to Wellington

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