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circumstances attending it, or if the men of the
tribe feel inclined to sanction to spurn
an act of the offended husband, [indecipherable] fre-
quently the offender has to stand the test
of a duel or rather an unequal combat.
It may be several of the tribe have to throw their
weapons at them & he is only allowed a
shield to defend himsel. This he may
do [indecipherable] [indecipherable] as to escape with
his life or [indecipherable]. The shield you
will [indecipherable] [indecipherable] is but a
piece of wood not many inches in diameter
in the middle with painted ends almost
shaped so as to appear three sides &
has a handle on the back at the middle.
Speaking of the woman's degraded condition
I might enlarge on her severe dependence
on the whims of her husband & the drudgery
she must perform on his behalf. Has he
returned home succesful from his hunting
with an oppossum for instance, after the
wife has probably washed it for him in thanks,
(sometimes he will condescend to do it himself)
he takes the washed animal in his two
hands tears away with his teeth the best
part, and his poor wife must [indecipherable] much of-
[indecipherable] if he throws over to her the [indecipherable] for her to
pick. Then again

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