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The forms which supply our Participles
are classed with the modifications of the
Verb, [words crossed out] The [indecpherable]
Subjunctive is formed with Mallang. the Ablative with bau
There are no Subjunctive or Potentialforms,
properly speaking; Sentences of that description
are expressed by a kind of auxilliary
as Yarra, or Mallang. the [word crossed out] latter does not seem to
be a verb but a mere subjunctive participle
or by the future tense, with the Conditional
Conjuntion. "Yandi" attached [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]
Yandudu dalgirri If I should eat
Ngaddugarra dalgirri, I can or would eat
Ngaddu mallang dae, I would or should eat. or
have eaten.
Yandundu mallangdae, If you did or would eat

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