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Bumarra. To beat
1. Bianna sig a constancy of [original text has been crossed out] action
as Bumalbianna. To be always beating.
Ngabiama To be always [orignal text has ben crossed out] looking
2. Gunnanna sig: a present continuance of
action as: Bumalgunnanna. To be now
beating. Ngagunnanna - - looking on.
Both these are used for the Participle, but
as they are used in a definite and Indicative
way and like the rest conjugated, nor ever em-
ployed as Adjectives, they cannot be considered
as [original text has been crossed out] Participle forms, but as [original word crossed out] Modifications
3. Muaigunnanna sig: A long continuance
Bumallawaigunnanna to be beating a long time
Ngagumaigunnanna, to be looking on long.
No much differing from N.T. and supplying the Participle.

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