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10. Mambirra. Causative & Permissive:
Bumabinambirra. To let beat.
Galmambirra, To cause one to speak, also to teach.
11. Gambirra. Instrumentative, meaning that a
thing has been done by means of an instrument
tool, weapon, {indecipherable} as:
Bunnalgambirra (not used)
Bangalgambirra. to break by throwing at, or hitting
with something.
12 Billinga. Submissive, expressive of obedience
to a command.
Bumabillinga To beat when told or ordered.
Yannabillinga. To go when ordered off.
13.Eilinga Implies a vicarios action, doing on
behalf or instead of another.
Bumeilinga, To beat instead of another.
Barrameilinga, To get or provide for another.
14. Duringa, Rather difficult to ascertain its exact
signification, in which it seems to vary. It seems to
intimate a change of action, turning ones attention
from one thing into another as, Bumalduringa

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