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To leave off the present engagement beat
Wannangaduringa, to forget, to think of something
15. Wanna, Probably signifies an aim of an
purpose to do a thin as, or rather to action a thing
a kind of series one after another. going all [indecipherable]
or to be just in the act of doing
Bumallawanna, to beat one after another,
Yamaiawanna, to walk away, or from one place and to.
16. Danna. Sig: the resuming of an action after
having taken refreshment as:
Bumaldanna. To beat again, after eating.
Bumbadanna. To run off again afer a little refreshment
17 Ngilanna. A kind of Duck.
Bumalingilanna. Two to be together at once
Bumbangilanna, Two to run together.
18 Yarra. The verb to speak can be put or joined
to any verb as Post fix and is then exprssive of
a command "ba" is put between as a uniting
syllable thus:
Yannabayarra, to order, to go, or send away

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