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Bumalbayarra. to tell to beat
These Participles when joined to a
neuter or Intransitive verb give it
a Transitive and causative signi-
19. {Birra,nirra, dirra
Thus from Gannarra to birra, is formed
Gannalbirra, to set on fire
Ballunna, to die
Ballubunirra, to kill
Banganna, to break (of itself)
Bangadirra, to chop, smack
Gannanna, to go
Gannabanirra to make go, to drive.
from Mabbinga, to stay, stop
Mabbibamarra, To make one stay
Yannanna. To go
Yannabimmarra To cause to go away.
Note Bummarra, is a verb by itself signifying to
make, to do
Maranna, implies a reference to a previous
action, on which the action of this verb is de-
pendent as, Bumalmaranna to beat after having
caught one.

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