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Dalmaraima: to eat after having picked it up
A few Etymological remarks.
Marra: to do, make, joined to another verb, or
what is more frequently done, to nouns, and
adjectives answers exactly the Latin, Facio or
Fiero as: Giwai, sharp. Giwaimarra to sharpen
Girra, wet, moist. Giwamarra to moisten.
Gullai, Net. Gullaimarra To net, make a net
Hence also the practice of the Aborigines to
form marra. English verbs expressive of an
action formerly unknown to them as:
To grind. Grindmarra, Ringarra [indecipherable]
From the foregoing observations, it will be
seen that verbs ending in Marra as also
irra (excepting when they are terminations of
modified verbs) are Intransitive or Neuter.
Both rules however admit of some ex-

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