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Addition to the Modification
21 Nâna Implies the adverb "after" as:
Brumalnâna: to beat after another
Bunbannana: to run after another
Ngannana: look after one
22 Ginga: Implies precedent, before, as:
Bumalinga: to beat first, before another
Ngallinginga: to return first
23 Naringa: joined to a few verbs implies that the action is done by falling, also figuratively expressive of a stay, or next after moving.
1) Banganaringa: to break by falling
Dalbanaringa: to be dashed by falling
2) Winaringa: to settle down

Warrannaringa: to make a call & stay a little
24 Bilâna (or inbilâna) it is always pre-
ceded by "m" even after " l •. It implies the idea
of moving on, going along, & gradually getting into
whilst engaged in an action.

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