B 505: Lecture on the Aborigines of Australia and papers on Wirradhurrei dialect, 1837-1840


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will own that there is far more similitude ['3' in pencil] both in body and mind in the different races and tribes of man than dissimilitude and, they can only wonder at either the want of [candor?] or the want of judgement in those who have [tried?] from the ['difference' crossed out] diversity of human races to raise doubts and objections against the declaration of revealed truth that all spring from one common origin, from one pair. In the next place I would remark ['that' crossed out] even the fact that the Aboriginees are rapidly diminishing before our eyes, and that we, even though unwilling, have as Colonials beene the indirect cause and instruments of their speedy extermination must tend to excite some interest concerning them. And here I must add that the poor miserable remnant we now notice in the settled parts of the Colony are not altogether a true ['ty of' crossed out] type of the genuine Aboriginees,

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['4' in pencil] They have learned our vices, they have copied some of the worst patterns of the White man and become so debased ['more' crossed out] by intoxicating drink and other evil habits that they present (the present remnant) more or less a caricature of ['the former' crossed out] their ancestors. If they have gained a little, in little matters by their intercourse with Europeans, they have lost ['much of' crossed out] that independence of spirit, valor & courage, beside certain ['other' crossed out] better habits and customs which originally obtained with them & still may be found among the more distant tribes. If some of the older colonials [colonists?] & [indecipherable] are present to whom I may not afford much information that ['it' crossed out] is new to them, I would beg of them to bear in mind that there are many new comers amongst us less or but little acquainted with the habits or character of the Blacks. I must preface my lecture by one more observation viz; that I must draw almost

F. I would further remark here that their speedy disappearance from before our eyes is not altogether owing to intemperance & other vices they assume from Europeans I have known a number of fine young men dying away before they had almost any opportunity to drink, simply in consequence of the irregularity ['they' crossed out] to which they subject themselves living for a time with Europeans eating our food, and enjoying regular meals, besides wearing Europ. clothes & then suddenly returning for a few weeks to their own ways & habits;

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entirely from my own resources as I

am not aware of much that may have has

been written or said, about the Abori-

ginees from which I could derive,

much advantage, even if I had it

to refer to. And as I have made the

Blacks for more than six years the main

objects of my attention & study, I

fancy I do not presume too much if

I express chiefly my own opinion & the results

of my experience. You will therefore

bear with me, if my own name

and personal efforts are now and then al-

most unavoidably, mixed up with my



And now I shall now proceed to make a

few remarks as to the various questions

which may naturally rise in our minds:

When & how these wild sons of original

inhabitants came to this country, when

they came and with and for what other races

they seem to be more nearly related,

bear a resemblance

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and whether or not they were originally

in the same more or less the same so ignorant & uncivilized as they

are now, [a?] I regret that to all these

questions but little is no satisfactory answers can

be said of a satifactory kind given. We can

only throw out conjectures and hint at pos-

sibilities & probabilities concerning

their original descent, as they are utterly

without a history of their own with

scarcely a few a trace any fragments of tradition and

in as much as all ancient history is

silent about this part of the globe.

How all the Polynesian islans have been

peopled, how long they have been inhabited

and whence they originally came will [probably?]

always remain a difficult [indecipherable] problematical.

But there is a chain of these islands New

some smaller some greater which connects connecting this continent with Asia such as New Guinea,

Borneo and the islands of [Timor?] [on a aticular line still?] is not far from

the northern coast of this country and Timor is

not a great distance from the Malay [country?]

on the [Indian?] archipelago, or the Malay Archi-

pelago as it is sometimes called. Whether arrived

from necessity, when hounded by other tribes


The Celebes

The Phillipines

or nearer

Chile &

[a?] [aticular?]

line the

Island of

Timor Java

Sumatra the Malay

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I will now give you an index or brief outline

of the various particular topics to which I propose

to [refer?] by such statements & explanations as may

appear interesting respecting the Aboriginees.

of Australia

1, We shall throw out of a few hints as to their origin

and resemblance to other nations & how they came here

originally came here.

2, A description of their features [national?] peculiarities in features & formation& roles & intellecual faculties

3, Hints at the causes of their degeneration.

4, Their ideas of a superior being & evil spirits and [on?] future states

5, Their form of government & certain laws and customs

6, Their mode of living; foodclothing, wandering habits

7, Their character & disposition, virtues & vices.

8, Their attainments as to any art or handicrafts [various?] ornaments, weapons utensils hunting and fishing

9, Their frequents wars and its causes.

10, The treatment of women

11, The curious ceremony of [marking?] young men

12, Certain marriage laws and [fictitious?] relationship amongst them.

13, Funerals ceremonies

14, Great peculiarities of language & different dialects

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