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May 24th
The weather being so cold and wet so it was
Asked the inmates to chose either to leave off
work at 12 oclk, or at 4 oclk and have another
short holiday when the weather was more
favorable, they all chose the two[underlined] short holidays
at 4 oclk the decoration of their dinning room was
began, and the table was loaded with the bountifull
sup by which Mr. Caldwell had provided. and after
singing " Be present at our table Lord" they com
operations with a hearty goodwill. O that the
Gospel feast was so freely received.

Mr. J. Caldwell addressed them on the importance
of mind'g religion whilst young and healthy, &c.
Rev'd J. Bickford asked them if they
remembered any thing which Rev'd W. Taylor
had said to them the day before. Harriet
P. said "he told us about some converted
soldiers" Sarah White said "he preach'd
about the Commandments".

Did he sing? yes we sang
"With Joy we meditate the grace
Of our High Priest above" &c
Did he not sing by himself? "yes, he sang
whilst we knelt down
"Come ye sinners poor and wretched
weak and wounded sick and sore
Jesus ready stands to save you
Full of mercy joined with powr[power]
He is able" &c.
Rev'd K Sellers addrefsed[adressed], subject "The Queen".
afterward we sang The National Anthem".

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