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Devenor, Peter 25 M, M Waiter (Peteler Hotel) VA 1865
Bailey, James 20, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] "[VA] "[1865]
Regal, William 24, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] Tenn "[1865]
Regal, John 22, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] Kentucky "[1865]
Jackson, Adam 23, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] VA "[1865]
Holland, William 24 22, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] Mp "[1865]
Chasburg, Benjamin Charles 19, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] VA "[1865]
Cumnnings, Benjamin 50, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] N.Y. "[1865]
Jackson, Thomas 25, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] "[N.Y.] "[1865]
King, William [2?], M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] Kentucky "[1865]
Cooper, Charles 21, M, "[M] "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] N.Y. "[1865]
Holland, Richard 27, or 26, M "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] M.D. "[1865]
Aldridge, W M. 22, M, B "[Waiter (Peteler Hotel)] N.J. "[1865]
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Castleton First Election District

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