Example Card #2 (By Town Series, Simple)




Status: Complete

110/111 1865
Brown, Samuel 41, M, B Seaman Rhode Island
[Brown?] Anna 34, F, "[B] Wife Richmond
[Brown?] Samuel 11, M, "[B] child b. 6/27/1853 Saratoga
[Brown?] Anna 6, F, "[B] child b. 1/12/1859 Richmond
[Brown?] Sarah 4, "[F], "[B] child b.1/25/1861 "[Richmond]
[Brown?] Samuel 2, M, "[B] child "[Richmond]
[Brown?] Jane 6 mo, F, "[B] "[child] "[Richmond]
Pool, Marshall 40, M, "[B] Seaman N. Jersey
"[Pool] Isabella 44, F, "[B] wife Richmond
"[Pool] James 16, M, "[B] child "[Richmond]
"[Pool] Elector 8, F, "[B] b. 3/24/1857 "[Richmond]
"[Pool] William 6, M, "[B] baptized too. "[Richmond]
8/25/1861 Samuel Copland Brown (Etai) baptized St. Andrew

Castelton Church Rcds, All children with birth noted

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