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1811 ????
Robinson, Robert 60, M, B Farmhand Maryland
"[Robinson], Eliza 56, F, "[B] Washerwoman Virginia
Jones, Lena 24, "[F], "[B] No Occ. New York
Williams, Emiline 22, "[F], "[B] "[No Occ.] Child "[New York]
"[Williams], Thomas 25, M, "[B] Farmhand "[New York]
"[Williams] Robert 3, "[M], "[B] Child "[New York]
"[Williams] Eliza M. 1, F, "[B] "[Child] "[New York]
Robinson ('55) "[Williams], Maria 20, "[F], "[B] No Occ. "[New York]
"[Williams], Jane 12, "[F], "[B] "[No Occ.] "[New York]
Robinson, Lena Died 1/17/1891 Age 53
b. Tottenville Rheumatism buried Mt. Loretta #951 DR. 1882-1897

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