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Header: 53 left page; 61 right page; Beginning November 1, 1942 No certificates will be made out unless paid in full By order of B.D.

DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Oct. 27Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Ada Milton - 479 W. 146 St.4305; Paid 11/23/41$201840H
Oct. 30Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Josephine Anderson - 2207 5th Ave.4306$201840H
Oct. 29Byrd NixonRe-opening11 a.m.Spencer J. Johnson - 44 W. 136 St.cer: Mary F. Beekman - 44 W. 136 St.4307; Final Interment; (728)$203728E
Oct. 28Lafayette RogersNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Hawley (Hall) Ford - 805 St. Nicholas Ave.4308$201890H
Oct. 28Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Marcelina Sears4309; Paid 11/23/42$201840H
Oct. 29Fleetwood LittlejohnSingle Grave12:30 p.m.Oscar Reidcer: Pearl Reid - 158 W. 132 St.4310; Paid 12/1/42$65U20H
Oct. 30Mickey Funeral ServiceRe-opening1:30 p.m.Daniel Gethers - 148 W. 141 St.cer: Sadie Pride - 345 W. 59 Street4311; (250)$20524E
Oct. 30LeGarr & Kelsey Co.Boxed Interment4 p.m.Gertrude L. Johnson - 248 W. 64 St.4312$201613H
Oct. 30Mamie Anderson PrattBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Florence Maultsby - 28 W. 113 St.4313$201613H
Oct. 30William S. RossNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Joseph Gibson - 79 W. 124 St.4314; (63)$181840H
Nov. 3Leroy GreenBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Lilliam Fuller- Zecil - 58 E. 134 St.4315$201951H
Nov. 3Perkins Memorial ChapelRe-opening11:30 a.m.Alfred Austin Grey - 580 St. Nicholas Ave.cer: Christina Grey - 580 St. Nicholas Ave.4316$2003H
Nov. 2M.A. Daniels & Sons, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Walter Miller - 12 W. 132 St.4317$201951H
Nov. 5Odessa BaileyBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Emma Sullivan - 1351 Prospect Ave., Bronx4318$201613H
Nov. 4Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Boyd K. Williams - 472 W. 147 St.3219$201613H
Nov. 5William S. RossNo Box Interment1 p.m.Levi Brown - 100 W. 144 St.4320$201613H
Nov. 6Griffin Funeral HomeNo Box Interment4 p.m.Samuel Comfort4321; Paid 12/12/42$161951H

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The memo on the top of the right page was omitted from the transcription.