Frederick Douglass Memorial Park Ledger Book 9


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Year: 1945


DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 2Turner Funeral HomeRe-opening3 p.m.Marie Fenner - 202 St. Nicholas Ave.cer: Marie Fenner - 202 St. Nicholas Ave.5616; cer. lost- Thos. Turner signed affidavit as executor of estate; (371)$254018E
Jan. 2Leroy ButlerBaby Grave11 a.m.Felicia Garcia Lewis - 105 W 113 St.5617$101475H
Jan. 2Leroy ButlerBaby Grave11 a.m.Johnnie Mae Lewis - 105 W 113 St.5618$101475H
Jan. 2Leroy ButlerBaby Grave11 a.m.Delores Lewis - 105 W 113 St.5619$101475H
Jan. 3Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Alice Copeland - 2 E 126 St.5620$20194H
Jan. 3Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Mollie Bambary - 22 W 133 St.5621$202130H
Jan. 3David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment1 p.m.James Phillips - 8 W 99th St.5622$20194H
Jan. 5Mickey Funeral Service, Inc.Boxed Interment11 a.m.Albert Lee - 107 W 133 St.5623$202130H
Jan. 5Rodney Dade, Inc.No Box Interment3:30 p.m.John Kennedy - 679 Wales Ave., Bronx5624$202131H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 8Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Helen Lorraine Dawseycer: Matthew A Dawsey - 66 W 139 Street5625; (1775); Paid 1/18/45$82924D
Jan. 5David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment10:30 a.m.Joseph Robinson - 2 W 131 St.5626$202130H
Jan. 7Robert FinleyBoxed Interment3:45 p.m.James D. O'Connor5627; Sunday$302267H
Jan. 6Mickey Fun. Service, Inc.No Box Interment1 p.m.Julian Brown - 227 W 142 St.5628$202130H
Jan. 6Clinton BrooksSingle Grave12 noonBertha Dewey - 811 W 169 Streetcer: Joseph Lambert - 811 W 169 Street, Bronx5629; (1771)$82832D
Jan. 8Est of James Veal, Inc.Box Int. 2 p.m.Bernice Jordan - 204 W 143 St. 5630$20
Jan. 10Mickey Funeral ServiceSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Hazel Elliott Small - 1204 B Union Ave., Bronxcer: Sam Small - 1204 B Union Ave., Bronx, NY5630; markup; (1773)$82925D
Jan. 11Mickey Funeral ServiceNo Box Interment1 p.m.Marcus C. Spencer - Madison Ave., NYC5631$202268H
Jan. 12Mickey Funeral ServiceSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Nettie Oliver - 434 W 64 St.cer: Charlie Oliver - 434 W 64 St.5632; (1774)$821018D
Jan. 12Mickey Funeral ServiceBoxed Interment11:30Florence Williams - 10 Convent Ave.5633$202019H
Jan. 10Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment12:30 p.m.John Jefferson - 1211 Dean St., Bklyn.5634$202267H
Jan. 11Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3 p.m.James Thomas - 727 W 165 St., Bronx5635; Dup. Rept.$202267H
Jan. 10James G. ChambersBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Frank Savage5636$202267H
Jan. 13Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave11:30 a.m.Lucius Reddick - 341 W 59 St.cer: Bamma Reddick - 341 W 59 St.5637; (1776); Paid 1/18/45$82926D
Jan. 12Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave1:30 p.m.James Robinsoncer: Flossie Robinson - 818 Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y.5638; D.D. wrote cer & issued without no. no put on yellow card (I.D. card); (1772)$82833D
Jan. 13Thomas A WarnerBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Annnie Greenridge - 218 W 117 St.5639$202019H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 15Mickey Funeral ServiceBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Robert Kent - 86 LaSalle St., NYC5640$202019H
Jan. 15Clara E. FordBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Florence Winckler - 2166 5th Ave.5641$202266H
Jan. 18Clara E. FordRe-opening12:30 p.m.Clarence Fordcer: Clara E. Ford - 106 W. 129 Street5642; Final Int. (3rd)$25418E
Jan. 14David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Belle Byrd - 117 E 131 St.5643; Sunday$252019H
Jan. 17Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Rose Anna Miller5644$202129H
Jan. 17S. McMillan, Inc.Boxed Interment1 p.m.John Brown - 833 E 167 St.5645$202266H
Jan. 17David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment1 p.m.James Newton - 347 W 59 St.5646$202266H
Jan. 17Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3 p.m.Gladys Young - 862 E 169 St., Bronx5647$202266H
Jan. 17Clinton BrooksRe-opening4 p.m.Joseph Lambert - 811 E 169 St., Bx.cer: Joseph Lambert - 811 E 169 St., Bronx5648; 2nd Int. (1496)$25P3H
Jan. 19Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Florence Kelsey- 806 E 170 St.cer: Florence Kelsey Cherry - 806 E 170 St.5649; (1779); Paid 1/30/45$821019D
Jan. 19Mickey Funeral ServiceBoxed Interment2 p.m.Frances Lumpkin5650$202129H
Jan. 19David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment1 p.m.Mary Stone5651$202129H
Jan. 20Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Sally Jones - 2130 7th Ave.5652$202130H
Jan. 20Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment4 p.m.Thomas Hamlett - 2060 8th Ave.5653$202129H
Jan. 22Wainwright & SonTop Board3:30 p.m.Irene Grear - 16 E 116 St.5654$202018H
Jan. 24Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.William Eubank - 122 W 143 St.5655$202018H
Jan. 24Clinton BrooksSingle Grave11:30 a.m.Mattie Johnson - 71 E 128 St.cer: Edith Fladger - 64 E 128 St.5656; (1777)$82927D
Jan. 25Est. of James Veal, Inc.>opening11 a.m.Emma McNeal - 824 St. Nick. Ave.cer: edward McNeal - 824 St. Nicholas Avenue5657; 359-F$254324"F"

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 24Leroy GreenBoxed Interment4 p.m.Robert RObinson - 2573 8th Ave.5658$202018H
Jan. 24Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment4 p.m.Edward G. Robinson - 12 Convent Ave.5659$202018H
Jan. 25Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Amy THomas - 2268 7th Avenue5660; Paid 1/30/45$202128H
Jan. 25Wainwright & Son.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.Mary Warren - 833 E 223 St., Bronx5661$202018H
Jan. 27Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment10:30 a.m.Emma Taylor - 833 E 223 St., Bronx5662$202128H
Jan. 27David Jaudon, Inc.Single Grave11:30 a.m.Oscar Frost - 468 St. Nicholas Ave.cer: Genieva Frost - 468 St. Nicholas Ave.5663; (1778)$82834D
Jan. 28Perkins Memorial ChapelBoxed Interment4:30 p.m.Lola Robinson - 424 W 163 St.5664; Sunday$302128H
Jan. 27Robert MooreBoxed Interment4 p.m.Sally Chavis - 70 E 138 St.5665$202128H
Jan. 29Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Mamie Hutson - 244 W 144 St.5666$202265H
Jan. 31Clinton BrooksRe-opening11:30 a.m.Celia Brown - 45 W 131 St.cer: Susie McClellan - 2588 7th Ave.5667; 2nd; 52; (1695)$25W30H
Feb. 1David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.John Williams- 2782 8th Ave.5668$202265H
Feb. 2Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Solomon Ayers - 188 Edgecombe Ave.5669$202265H
Feb. 5C. Franklin CarrSingle Grave3:30 p.m.William T Phifer - 73 W 130 St.cer: Emma Phifer - 73 W 130 St.5670$82928D
Feb. 5Clara E FordBoxed Interment12 noonCarrie Jones5671$202265H
Feb. 7David Lane.Opening11:30 a.m.David White - 450 Lexington Ave.cer: Lottie White - 450 Lexington Ave.5672; 252-F$251712"F"
Feb. 5Claudius P. SterrettSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Pecola Davis Custis - 248 W 149 St.cer: Albert Custis - 248 W 149 St.5673; (1789)$82835D
Feb. 7Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Anna Hollandcer: Jeanette Holland - 512 E 165 St., Bronx5674; (1785); Paid 2/20/45$821020D

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Feb 8Rodney Dade, IncBoxed Interment3:30pmEdward Lee231E. 75 St5675$20 paidPR 2017H
Feb 8David Landon, IncNo Box Interment11:30amAbraham Shines107 W. 135St5676$20PR 2017H
Feb 7Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3:30pmBessie Anderson236 W. 1355678$20PR 2017H
Feb 8Mickey Sun ServiceBaby Grave1:30pmM. C. Watson272 Main Ave5678 2ft$8PR 2018H
Feb 9Edith JacksonTop Board2:00pmAlfred Keane193 E. 162 St5680$20PR 2018H
Feb 10Odessa M. BaileyBoxed Interment3:30pmLeon Washington5680$20PR 2017H
Feb 13Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment3:00pmCorrie Goodman404 Edgecombe Ave5628 81$20P2127H
Feb 13James G. ChambersSingle Grave3:00pmFannie WhiteGeorge White - 126Woodruff Lane5682 x (1782)$82PR 1021D
Feb 13Clinton BrooksSingle Grave3:30pmLillian LawrenceSylvia Brown - 48 Ege Ave - Jersey City5689$82PR 836D
Feb 14Rodney Dade IncSingle Grave3:30pmHayward MurrellMagdaline Murrell - 1 . W 126 Street5685$20PR 2127H
Feb 14Dorothy Chapman & SonBoxed Interment3:30pmEdward Scott165 W 128 St5685$20PR 2127H
Feb 14David LandonBoxed Interment12 NoonIsabelle Freeman108 W. 98th St5686$20PR 2127H
Feb 15George FulcherBoxed Interment11:30amPeter O' Neal127 W. 119 St5687$20PR 2127H
Feb 17Granville Paris Funeral HomePlot Interment1:30pmOra Lee ClayDeed: Jack Clay 59 W. 98th Street5658$245Plot 244Sub C5C
Feb 17Rodney Dade, IncBoxed Interment3:30pmEdna Williams1507 Bronx NY5619$20 paid 3/9/45PR 2127H
Feb 17Mickey Funeral ServiceNo Box Interment11:30amGeorge N Diggs2442 8th Ave5690$20PR 2127H

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