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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
July 13Rodney Dade, IncBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Nancy Howard - 210 W 61 St.5883; Paid 7/23/45$202118H
July 13Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Alethia R. Green - 49 St. Nicholas Ave.5881$20; Removal Fee $30 7/19/452118HRemoved to Woodlawn Flushing Cemetery
July 14Edward FentressSingle Grave3- 3:30 p.m.Gertrude O. McCarthy - 131 Richmond St., SIcer: Jacob R. Scott - 141 Richmond St., SI5884$821033D
July 14Thomas A. WarnerChild Grave11:30 a.m.David Sisber, Jr. - Union Ave., Bx.5885$162119H
July 14David M. JaudonBoxed Interment2 p.m.Ozair Hunt- 1986 Madison Ave.5886$202118H
July 18Wainwright & Son.Boxed Interment1:30 p.m.William Bradley - 1332 Park Ave.5887$202118H
July 19David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.Ida Thomas -2 W 129 St.5888$202118H
July 23Louis BrownBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.John Greene - 163 Lefferts Pl. Brooklyn5889$202376H
July 25St. Helena Funeral Home (Clinton Jeffreis)Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.Arthur Jenkins- 2166 5th Ave.5890$202255H
July 23Thomas A. WarnerBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Olivia Vanderpool - 62 E 112 St.5891$202376H
July 24Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment1 p.m.Harold Carter - 4 W 126 St.5892$202376H
July 27Lee P. WeaverSingle Grave10:30 a.m.Dora Holt - 938 St. Nicholas Ave.cer: Blanche McDonald- 938 St. Nicholas Ave.5893; adjoining grave sold; $60 prie;$821123D
July 28Thomas J. GossinNo Box Interment3 p.m.Harold Johnson - 513 W 145 St.5894$202255H
July 28David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Eva Albert - 746 St. Nicholas Ave.5895$202255H
July 30Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Virginia Rockwood - 244 W 143 St.5896$202375H
July 30George L. FulcherBoxed Interment12 noonEssie Kelson - 66 St. Nicholas Ave.5897$202255H
July 30S. McMillan, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Eliza Jones - 286 W 128 St.5998; ($33)$202255H

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