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Frederick Douglass Memorial Park Ledger Book 5

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Year: 1941


DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 2Clara E. FordBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.William Johnson255 W. 148th St.3052181221H
Jan. 2Thomas A. WarnerSingle Grave11 a.m.Irene ChristineFlorence Reid - 133 W 116 St305365J6H
Jan. 2Thomas A. WarnerNo Box Interment3 p.m.James Wallace67 W. 113 St.3054181221H
Jan. 2Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Kirk Hansberry57 W. 124 St3055201221H
Jan. 2Rodney Dade, Inc.Re-opening3:30 p.m.Ethel WillisMamie Taylor - 345 W. 59 St.3056; Paid 1/25/41; 339 W 59 St.; (1148)20I9H
Jan. 4Peoples' Funeral HomeBoxed Interment4 p.m.Mamie Suler12 Bradhurst Ave3057201436H
Jan. 3Leroy GreenBoxed Interment12 noonDaisy Carter2133 5th Ave3058; Paid in Full 5/26/41; pd 5. 1/16/41; pd. 5. 1/29/41; pd. 5. 5/26/41201436H
Jan. 4Edith JacksonRe-opening4 p.m.Estelle Robinson22 St. Nickolas Place; Thelma Robinson3059; (re-internment) (795)202717E

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 4Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Rachel Jefferson204 W. 124 St.3060; p 1/7/41201436H
Jan. 4Clara E. FordBoxed Interment4 p.m.Spellman Brown244 W. 62 St.3061; p 1/10/41201436H
Jan. 6Claudius P. SterrettBoxed Interment1 p.mElmo Bertrand407 W. 148 St3062201220H
Jan. 9J. Perkins Fun. ChapelBoxed Interment11 a.m.Richard J. Williams214 W. 141 St3063; Paid 2/8/41201327H
Jan. 8Mamie Anderson PrattSingle Grave11 a.m.Mary FullerFannie Hipp - 209 W. 142 St.306465L18H
Jan. 8Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Eldred Roebuck819 E. 166 St3065201220H
Jan. 8Clara E. FordBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Mark Watkins3066; Paid 2/6/41201220H
Jan. 9Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Freeman Reeves347 W. 141 St3067201327H
Jan. 7David JaudonBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Mary Choice73 W. 115 St.3068; Paid 2/26/41201220H
Jan. 8Clinton BrooksSingle Grave3 p.m.Walter WardWalter A. Ward Sr. - 273 W. 150 St306965K12H
Jan. 10N. B. SterrettNo Box Interment10:30Joseph Thomas257 W. 134 St3070161543H
Jan. 9George L. JonesBoxed Interment12:30 p.m.Anna Simmons37 W. 138th St3071; Paid 4/4/41201327H
Jan. 9Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment4:30 p.m.John Spencer147 W. 131 St3072201327H
Jan. 10Mickey Funeral ServiceBaby Grave3:30 a.m.Robert Marley358 W. 119 St3073; 3 ft.101564H
Jan. 10Effie A. MillerBoxed Interment12 noonRobert Reid109-34 167 St Jamaica, L.I.3074201543H
Jan. 13Peoples' Fun. HomeNo Box Interment11 a.m.Mary Weeks102 W. 128 St3075201326H
Jan. 11Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment12:30 p.m.Frances White14-16 W. 138 St.3076201543H
Jan. 11S. McMillan, Inc.Boxed Interment1:30 p.m.Pike Mitchell44 Bradhurst Ave3077; Paid 3/8/41201543H

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Header: 4

DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 14Anna SewellBoxed Interment12 noonWilliam Rainey2256 5th Avenue3078; Paid 4/22/44201326H
Jan. 15Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Ophelia BurtAnnie Palmer - 656 St. Nicholas Ave.3079; Paid 3/15/4165J5H
Jan. 15Clara E. FordBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Willie Davis433 Lenox Ave.3080; Pain in Full; pd. 15. 1/24/41; pd. 5. 1/25/41201542H
Jan. 16Mickey Funeral Service, Inc.Single Grave11:30 a.m.Walter JohnsonJoseph N. Johnson - 156 W. 144 St308165K11H
Jan. 15Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Mary Cannon437 Manhattan3082201326H
Jan. 15Effie MillerBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Charles E. Johnston1890 7th3083201326H
Jan. 16Perkins Mem. ChapelBoxed Interment11:30Lindsay Jones478 W. 1583084; Paid 2/8/41201542H
Jan. 16S. McMillanBaby Grave1 p.m.Joyce Niblock46 W. 99 St.3085; 2 ft; Paid 2/25/4671564H
Jan. 18Henry A. ToppinRe-opening1 p.m.Edwin GrantFelix Grant - 982 Rogers Pl. - Bronx3086; final interment; 828 Dawson Ave - Bronx Ave203617E
Jan. 17Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Irene Sawyer2647 8th Ave3087201542H
Jan. 18Thomas GossinNo Box Interment11:30 a.m.Frances Ballard240 W. 64 St3088201542H
Jan. 23Thomas A. WarnerNo Box Interment1 p.m.Henry Fox10 W. 138 St.3089
Jan. 21Perkins Mem. ChapelBoxed Interment2 p.m.Phillip Robinson943 St. Nicholas Ave3089; Paid 3/15/41201435H
Jan. 21S. McMillanBaby Grave1:30 p.m.Robert Hunt22 W. 113 St3090; 3 ft; Paid 3/8/41101564H
Jan. 23Perkins Mem. ChapelBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Morton Robinson2901 8th Ave.3091201325H
Jan. 21Rodney Dade, Inc.No Box Interment3 p.m.Rachel Brown32 W. 136 St.3092; Paid 1/25/40201435H
Jan. 23Clara E. FordBoxed Interment3 p.m.June Sheridan246 W. 146 St.3093; Paid in full; pd. $18 1/27/41; pd. 2. 2/6/41201435H

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Header: 6

DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Jan. 23Robert S. MooreBoxed Interment4 p.m.Ernest Groomster3094201435H
Jan. 23James Veal, Inc.Boxed Interment3 p.m.Izzac Mack130 W. 133 St3095201325H
Jan. 25Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Lucile Mealey437 Manhattan Ave.3096201325H
Jan. 2Clara E. FordNo Box Interment12 noonHenry McCloud309720
Jan. 28Herbert Hurd Jr.Re-opening1 p.m.Werter HayesGladys Van Romandt - 462 Madison Ave - Bklyn3097; 1369 Atlantic Ave Bklyn201716F
Jan. 28Henry W. PayneSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Emma ButlerElizabeth Dillard - 229 W. 152 St309865J4H
Jan. 28Rodney Dade, Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Mamie RiddickArthur Riddick - 239 W. 145 St.309965K10H
Jan. 27George L. JonesBoxed Interment1 p.m.Isabella Brown1966 7th3100201325H
Jan. 28George L. JonesBoxed Interment1 p.m.Julia Jenkins237 W. 133 St3101201540H
Jan. 29Clara E. FordSingle Gravenoon 1 p.m.Jane StarkesClara E. Ford - 106 W. 129 St.3102; Paid 2/13/4165L17H
Jan. 29Thomas A. WarnerNo Box Interment2:30 p.m.Lambert Aikens101 W. 140 St.3103181540H
Jan. 30Lee P. WeaverSingle Grave12 noonDora Ward GloverThomas Glover - 35 West 129 St.310465M21H
Jan. 30Dillard Funeral HomeBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Paul Collier575 Warren St. Bklyn3105201540H
Jan. 30Clinton BrooksNo Box Interment12 noonHarry Cannon109 W. 137 St3106181540H
Jan. 31Thomas A. WarnerSingle Grave11:30 a.m.Herbert A. WallaceAdeline Wallace - 247 W. 63 Street310765K9H
Jan. 31David Jaudon, Inc.Boxed Interment12 noonFrank Williams69 W. 132 St.3108; (57); $1545.00; Paid 5/8/41201540H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Feb. 1Wainwright & SonSingle Grave3:30 a.m.Oscar NobleCharles Noble 2460 7th Avenue3109 1925 7th Avenue, P65L16H
Feb. 2Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.William DeMont Evans3110, Paid 2/18/41, 2150 8th Ave.251434H
Feb. 1Clara E. FordNo Box Interment3:30 p.m.Elizabeth Manley3111, P, 188 E. 101 W.181434H
Feb. 3Bertie DadeSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Mamie WooderdFrank Wooderd 408 W. 128 St.3112, 2 internments only, P753121E
Feb. 3Brown & JordanBoxed Interment11 a.m.Moses Windley3113, 377 Putnam Ave. P201434H
Feb. 3George L. JonesBoxed Interment1 p.m.Mamie Epperson3114, 64 E. 101 St., Pd.201434H
Feb. 4Rodney Dade Inc.Single Grave3:30 p.m.Moses E. WilliamsDorothy Williams 935 St. Nicholas Ave.3115, 935 St. Nicholas Ave., Paid 3/1/41651324H
Feb. 5Wainwright & SonRe-opening3:30 p. m.Charles FranklinAgnes Davis 353 W. 118 Street3116, 310 W. 121 St., P20K13H
Feb. 4Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Blanche Willoughby3117, 60 Old Broadway, P201539H
Feb. 6Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment11:30 p.m.Marcia Bennett3118, (f), 15 E. 118 St., P201539H
Feb. 6Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Ada White3119, 63 W. 99 St., P201539H
Feb. 6Clara E. FordNo Box Interment2:30 p.m.John S. Edwards3120, 1639 66 St. B'klyn, P181539H
Feb. 7Perkins Memorial ChapelBoxed Interment12 noonFrancis Blakeley3121, 127 W. 128 St., Paid 5/16/41201433H
Feb. 8Perkins Memorial ChapelBoxed Interment12 noonAdolph DeBoyce3122, 2394 7th Ave., Paid in Full, pd. $5 3/15/41, " [pd. $] 10 11/20/41, " [pd. $] 5 5/16/41201433H
Feb. 9Perkins Memorial ChapelSingle Grave4:30 p.m.Kenneth CrumpWilliam Crump 303 W. 151 St.3123, 303 W. 151 St., Paid in Full, gave receipt for Post Office, pd/ $65 2/19/41, pd. $5 3/15/41, issued Deed 3/15/4170J3H
Feb. 7Effie A. MillerBoxed Interment3 p.m.Austin Bagley3124, Brother: Chester Bagley 463 W. 159 St., P201433H
Feb. 8George L. JonesBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Martha McLaren3125, 742 St. Nicholase Ave., Pd.201433H

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Pages 10-11

Year: 1941


DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Feb. 10Clara E. FordSingle Grave11:30 a.m.George T. Brooks - 67 W. 138 St.Lucinda Brooks - 67 W. 138 St.3126; Paid 2/13/41$65K8H
Feb. 11Brown & JordanBoxed Interment11 a.m.John Wheeler - 108 Putnam Ave. Bklyn3127; p$201538H
Feb. 11Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Anna Brooks Ward - 268 128 St.3128; p$181538H
Feb. 11Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.George Terry - 219 W. 142 St.3129; p$201538H
Feb. 10Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Oliver Harris3130; Paid 3/8/41$201538H
Feb. 13Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment1:30 p.m.Annie Gillis - 313 Lexington Ave.3131; p$201323H
Feb. 12Thomas WarnerCoffin1 p.m.Rose Washington - (2027 7th Ave)3132; p$181432H
Feb. 13Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Maggie Green - 68 E. 104 St.3133; p$2013323H
Feb. 14A.J. HyltonBoxed Interment10:30 a.m.Dora Crooks - 2061 8th Ave.3134; p$181323H
Feb. 14Lee P. WeaverSingle Grave2:30 p.m.Theresa Van PuttenCharles Timber - 43 E. 133 St.3135; p$65M20H
Feb. 15Arthur BrisbaneSingle Grave3:30Bessie Beckham - 1997 7th AvenueCalvin Beckham - 1997 7th Ave.3136; Paid in Full; $30 down; 10. 2/24/41; 25. 5/14/41; $65$65L15H
Feb. 15Edward Robeson (community)Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.James Hunter - 16 St. Andrews Pl. Bklyn3137; p$201323H
Feb. 15Zeb KennedyBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Beonice Thompson - 980 Dawson St. Bronx3138; p$201432H
Feb. 15Edith JacksonBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.John Shand - 1151 Prospect Ave. Bronx N.Y.3139; special; p$161432H
Feb. 17Perkins Memorial ChapelBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Margaurite Ashe - 118 W. 143 St.3140; Top; Paid 5/16/41$201432H
Feb. 17Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Elmira Chapman - 56 E. 101 St.3141; Paid 3/8/41$201537H
Feb. 18William S. RossSingle Grave10:30 a.m.Timothy GeorgeJosephine George - 218 W 148 St.3142; p$65J2H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Feb. 18George L. JonesBoxed Interment12:30 PMJames Taylor163 W. 136 St.20.001537H
Feb 19Wiley & ThomasBoxed Interment2 p.m.Dorothy Dorsey2142 7th Avenue20.001537H
Feb 20Perkins Memorial ChapelSingle Grave3:30 P.M.Eliza Clayborne227 W. 145 St.65.00M19H
Feb. 19George L. JonesNo Box Interment12:45 P.M.Daniel Sullivan2190 5th Ave.18.001537H

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Header: 52 left page; 3 right page

DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Feb. 27Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.William Moore - 69 W. 138 St.3161$201536H
Feb. 28Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3 p.m.Reva Lamenado - 2170 5th3162; Paid 3/1/41$201321H
Feb. 28Wainwright & SonTop Board11:30 a.m.Margaret Robinson - 3778 3rd Ave.3163$181321H
Feb. 28David Jaudon, inc.No Box Interment1 p.m.Mistral Brown - (f) 231 W. 140 St.3164; Paid 4/1/41$181321H
Feb. 28Edward FentressBoxed Interment12 noonWade Amos - 940 St. Nicholas Ave.3165; (57); $1567.00; Paid 10/28/41$201321H
Mar. 2Perkins Mem. ChapelSingle Grave4 p.m.William Dickson - 32 W. 114 St.cer: Leola Dickson - 32 W. 114 St.3166; np allowance to undertaker; $40 down, pd. 30 5/12/41; Pain in Full$70J1H
Mar. 1Edward Robeson (Community).Opening10 a.m.Lucretia Mattix - 41 Ralph Ave. Bklyncer: Cassie Warrick - 95 Kingston Ave. Bklyn3167$20523"F"
Mar. 2Clara E. FordSingle Grave4 p.m.John Ford - 300 Manhattan Ave.cer: Catherine Ford - 300 Manhattan Ave.3168; $35 down; 5; 30 4/4/41; Pain in Full$70K6H
Mar. 3Peoples Funeral HomeBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Bettie Adams - 247 W. 144 St.3169$201430H
Mar. 1David Jaudon, inc.Morgue Box1:30 p.m.Charles Harris3170; Paid 4/1/41$181430H
Mar. 3S. McMillan, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Madeline Franklin; pd. $10 4/3/41; pd. 10 4/11/41; Paid in Full3171$201430H
Mar. 5David Jaudon, inc.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.John Kelley - 15 W. 137 St.3172; Paid 7/8/41$201320H
Mar. 5A.J. HyltonBoxed Interment11 a.m.Sarah Steele - 114 W. 135 St.3173$201430H
Mar. 6A.J. HyltonBoxed Interment11 a.m.Josephine Gaskin - 261 W. 134 St.3174$201320H
Mar. 5Browne & JordanBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Orma Davis - 290 W. 142 St.3175$201320H
Mar. 6Thomas A. WarnerSingle Grave1 p.m.Margaret Sampson - 50-54 W. 112 St.cer: Robert Sampson - 50-54 E. 112 St.3176$65K5H
Mar. 5Wainwright & SonSingle Grave3 p.m.Edward Fox - 66 W. 140 St.cer: Eliza Fox - 66 W. 140 St.3177$65L14H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Mar. 5George L. JonesBaby Grave2 p.m.Devinia Brown - 58 E. 118 St.3178$91770H
Mar. 6Griffin Funeral HomeBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Pearl Aldredge - 2655 8th Ave.3179$201535H
Mar. 6Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.David Bradley - 117 W. 60 St.3180; Paid 4/22/41$201320H
Mar. 8Fleetwood LittlejohnBoxed Interment2 p.m.Cora Duncan - 32 Morningside Ave.3181$201535H
Mar. 8Clinton BrooksBoxed Interment12 noonMaggie Hickman - 55 W. 131 St.3182$201535H
Mar. 8Clinton BrooksRe-opening3: 30 p.m.Annette Jefferson - 1522 Washington Ave. Bronx, N.Y.cer: Annette Jefferson (deceased)3183$20I14H
Mar. 10Effie MillerBoxed Interment3 p.m.Rosa Edwards - 53 E. 133 St.3184$201535H
Mar. 11Wainwright & SonSingle Grave3 p.m.Catherine Plunkett - 304 W. 154 St.cer: Felix Plunkett, Jr. - 304 W. 154 St.3185$65L13H
Mar. 12Effie A. MillerBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Rosa Hall3186; Paid 3/28/41$201642H
Mar. 11Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment3 p.m.Alice Mack - 440 St. Nicholas3187$201429H
Mar. 11Peoples Funeral HomeBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Clarence Bailey - 25 W. 132 St.3188$201429H
Mar. 11Wiley & ThomasBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.Mollie Daniels - 833 E. 223 St. Bronx, N.Y.3189$201429H
Mar. 11Clara E. FordBoxed Interment3:30 p.m.William Willis - 113 W. 128 St.3190$201429H
Mar. 11Marian Daniels & SonsBoxed Interment2 p.m.Catherine Burnett3191$201429H
Mar. 13Plugenia GriffinBoxed Interment12:30 p.m.Marie Burton - 242 E. 128 St.3192$201642H
Mar. 14Lafayette RogersBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.Henry Williams - 206 W. 120 St.3193$201534H
Mar. 12George L. JonesBoxed Interment12:00 noonNorman Flannagan - 2108 Madison Ave.3194$201642H
Mar. 12George L. JonesBoxed Interment1 p.m.John Byrd - 250 W. 128 St.3195$201642H

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DateUndertakerInternmentTimeDeceased CertificateMargin NotesCostPlotLot/RangeGraveSectionTranscriber Notes
Mar. 15Mickey Funeral Ser.Boxed Interment11:30 a.m.George Maxwell Hayes - 139 W. 129 St.3196$201534H
Mar. 14Plugenia GriffinBaby Grave3:30 p.m.Constance Goodman - 2471 Lexington Ave.3197; 4'4"$101566H
Mar. 15Rodney Dade, Inc.Boxed Interment3:30 p.m.Milton Worthy - 201 W. 122 St.3198; Paid 4/22/41$201534H
Mar. 15LeGarr & Kelsey Co.Baby Grave3 p.m.Edith Henriquez - 232 W. 63 St.3199$201428H
Mar. 15Clara E. FordChild Grave1 p.m.Edward Lee Hannah - 112 W. 128 St.3200; 5'2"; (counted as box)$161321H
Mar. 16Mamie Anderson PrattBoxed Interment12:30- 1 p.m.Thomas Johnson - 271 W. 138 St.3201; Top$251534H
Mar. 16Lee P. WeaverBoxed Interment4 p.m.William Scretchings 4 W 129 St.3202; Paid 3/24/41$251428H
Mar. 18Bertie DadeBoxed Interment11:30 a.m.James Spratley - 235 W. 115 St.3203$201428H
Mar. 18Lee P. WeaverSingle Grave11 a.m.Henry Talley -1 W. 133 St.cer: Samuel L. Talley - 342 St. Nicholas Ave.3204; Paid 3/24/41$65M18H
Mar. 17George L. JonesBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Edna Washington - 33 Cannon St.3205; pd. $17 3/17/41; pd/ 3 3/22/41; Paid in Full$201428H
Mar. 20James ChambersSingle Grave3:30 p.m.Tempie Bramhamcer: Benjamin Bramham - 796 Richmond Terrace - New Brighton, S.I. N.Y.3206; 4/20/41 $40 down pd.' 25 4/4/41; Paid in Full 4/4/41$65K4H
Mar. 19Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment2:30 p.m.Alice Powell - 308 - W. 144 St.3207$181641H
Mar. 20Wainwright & SonBoxed Interment10:30 a.m.Samuel Clark -121 W. 133 St.3208$181641H
Mar. 18Dillard Funeral HomeBaby Grave3:30 p.m.Shirley Alford - 571 Warren St. , Bklyn.3209; 4 ft.$12.501429H
Mar. 19S. McMillan, Inc.No Box Interment10:30 a.m.Bennie Harris - 363 W. 126 St.3210$181641H
Mar. 19Edward Robeson (Community)Single Grave4:30 p.m.Victoria Campbell 305 Tompkins Ave. Bklyn.cer: John Crawford & James Turnage - 305 Tompkins Ave. Bklyn.3211$65L12H
Mar. 20Le Garr & Kelsey Co.Boxed Interment3 p.m.Julia Gilbert- 157 W. 134 St.3212$201533H

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