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May 22, 1944

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Edwards,

They did it again - the army - we were
not allowed to stay at Dodge City. We were
split up and sent all over the country. One
of the girls from flight 2 and I are here at
I.A.A.F. It isn't as bad as it could be, though.
We fly BT-14's - North American Basic Trainers,
They are like an AT-6 except they have a fixed
gear and a H50 H.P. engine. They are a little
harder to land because they are lighter. We
do all types of flying except instruction of
cadets - thank goodness for that. If there is
no regular work we take a ship and get
in some instrument time on work on slow
rolls, etc.

We each have a private room in the nurse's
quarters. We are treated as officers and every
one has been swell to me. We have a grand
bunch of officers to work with, but take a lot
of good natured [ribbing?] from the instructors.

If there is no flying on week ends, we
can take ships on cross-countries. Since my
niece arrived the 11th of this month, I've flown up
home the last two weeks, It's only 150 miles.

We had lunch with one of the [Col?], in the
training command today and he said we are to
be sent back to B-26 school as soon as they finish
training the fellows. That gives us something to
dream about anyway.

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