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Þe Fende was glad and bliþ inowe  wan he was out of honde
He grad and fley away  þat men herd al þe londe
Out what hath þis calf ydo  what haþ þis calf ydo
Into þe contre men herde wide  þe shrewe cryde so
Better hym had haue be at home  and ysnytte his nose
Þan hied so fast þidere  to tilye hym fro þe pose
Sith þis Abot seint Donston  had grete powere
With king Emond þat was þoo  ⁊ was his counselere
Aftere kinge Edmondis deth  a good while þer was gon
Edwyne his sone king was made  after þat anon
Edwyne þe kinge had euel rede  ⁊ þeraftere he drowe
Wiþ saint Donston he wex wroth  siker with gret wowe
He put him out of his abbey  and did hym shame ynowe
The more shame he him did  þe more þe good man lowe
He drof him out of Engelond  ⁊ did hym crye fleme
Þis good man went forþ ful glad  ne toke he no ȝeme
To þe Abbey of seint Amande  biȝonde þe se he drowe
And soiourned þer longe  and lad good lyf ynowe
Aftere kinggis Euwyne day  Edgar þat was his broþer
Was made king for he was  ner þan a noþer
Good man he bicome  ⁊ loued wel holy chirch
Ech man þat him rad þerto  after he wold worche
Mon told him of seint dunston  his broþer drof on londe
With wronge for his goodnes  ⁊ he gan understonde
Aftere him he sent anon  þat he come home sone
And was with him his counseilere  of þat he had to done
Seint dunstone come home aȝein  ⁊ faire was underfonge
And had his abbey in pees  from which he was so longe
With king Edgar he was wel  and all his counsellere
Moche men speke of his goodnes  wide fer ⁊ nere
It bifelle þe Bisshop of Worceter  was to þe dethe
Þe kinge ⁊ Ode þe Erchbisshop  þerof toke her rede
And Seint Dunston þe abbot  bisshop þei made þere
To make him up in goddis lawe  his will þof it nere
Men axed at þe Archbisshop  of Caunterbery . Sire Ode
Wherfore þei him bisshop made  ⁊ his grace was so good
For he shal seide þis good man  after me here be
Erchbisshop of Caunterburye  as men shul ȝit se
What wote ȝe þis oþer seid  ȝe speke foly iwis

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Kerryn Olsen

Line 1: "þe" is squashed into the margin.

Kerryn Olsen

Line 31/32 - NOT rhyming!