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Kyrieleyson . Christeeleyson
Kyrieleison Christeleyson  is þat myry songe
Þis holy man þat hit herd  þought it not to longe
Wel aright he to heuene come  at his ending day
Whan he while he alyve was  so moch ioye say
Harpe he leued wonder wel  he koude þeron ynowe
A day he sat in his solace  asonge þeron he drowe
He henge it up by þe wowe  whan it was tyme to ete
And it was redy . and forth brought  he sat don to mete
On heuene he biganne to þenk  ⁊ of þe ioie þat was þere
And of þe blis þer amonge  þe seints þat þere were
He satt as he had ben bynome  so moche þeron he þouȝt
His harpe þat henge on þe wowe  on which litel he þouȝt
Began to kith his holy þouȝt  hard tre þof it were
As our lordys wil was  alle it herd þat were þere
All it self biganne to harpe  a mery steuen ywis
Þat men singen in holy chirch  þat in Englissh is þis
Gaudent in celis anime sanctorum qui Christi vestigia ⁊ cetera
That alle cristen soules ben glad  þat in heuene beþ
That swech our lordis way  and for hym suffred deth
Her blood for his swere loue  þerfor þei shul wone
And kinggis be wiþ out ende  wiþ criste goddis sone
This was þe songe so myry / þat þe folk herd all
The harpe songe al it silf  as it henge on þe wall
Faire grace our lord him sent  whan þe dede tre
Did singe of þat ilk blisse  þat he shold ni be
Lord þy grace blessed mote be  and þy myght also
That thow woldest here on lyve  such miracle for hym do
This holy man lyued here  in erþe mony day
But his endyng day was nye come  as he hym silf say
On holy þorsday he was seke  as it fille in þat ȝere
He sent aftere his frendis / þat to hym special were
His men þat he serued  he lete clepe also
And forȝaue hem her trespas  þat þei had ido
And assoilled hem of her synne  as he in goddis boondis lay
And so he lay al þat tyme  and also þe friday
He lete clepe þe Saterday  to fore hym his breþeren all
And bad haue good day  and seide . what shuld befall
He toke all his sacraments  ⁊ our lordis body nome

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Kerryn Olsen

Line 14 - probably meant to be "thereof", but there is no marking around the thorn.

Kerryn Olsen

Line 18 - I do not know the last two words.

Kerryn Olsen

Line 1 and Line 18 need to be coded for red, but the span tags did not work, so I removed them, so that the text could be saved.

Kerryn Olsen

Line 23 and following - font size is much smaller, but still in same ruled lines.