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Seint Dunstone was in englonde: comen of goed more
miracles oure lord did : for him er he were bore
ffor when he was in his modirs wombe : on a candelmesse day
þer was atte churche folc ynowe : as to þe tyme lay
as þei stode alle with her light : as men do ȝit so nou
her light went out ouer all : and no man wist hou
her light brent ful wele : and on one it was al out
þe folc in greet wondir stode : and þerof were in doute
and asked iche of oþir : in what maner it were
hou it queynt so sothenly : þe light þat þei bere
as þei stode and spake þer of : in greet wondir ichone
Seint Dunstone modirs tapir : o fyre wax on one
þat she helde in hir honde : she wist not whennys it come
þe folc stode and bihelde : and greet wondir þer of nom
But none wist whennys it come : but thorou oure lordes grace
þer of þei teynde alle her light : þat were þan in þe place
what was it but þat oure lord crist : light fro heuen sent
and þe folc þat þere aboute stode : her tapres þer of tende
but þat þat holy childe : þat in hir wombe was þere
al englonde shulde light : bettir þan it was er
þis childe was borne nyen hundirth ȝeere and fyve and twenty right
aftir þat oure suete lord : in his [...] alight
and in þe firste ȝeere of his crounyng [...] atholstone
his modir hight Quyndrede : and [...]erstoue
when þis childe was on erthe borne : [...] þer to heede
þei lete it do to Glastenbury : to [...]
To teche him eke his right bileue : [...]
þat childe wexe and wele there [...]
litil geme he toke of þe wo[...]
Iche man þat harde of him [...] ioie ynough
when he was of mannes w[...] he gan go
Archebisshop of cantirbury : seint [...] þat was þo
he made with him ioie ynough : and ever length more
when he sye his goednes : and also þat he was of gred lore

· xlii·
de sancto Dunstanis.}

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