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{Synt Aldelm}
An holi þoresday he werþ sik : as it vel In þe ȝere
He lette of sende is frend : þat speciales him were
His men þat him seruede ek : he let hem clupie also •
uor ȝef hem al hor trespas : þat hi him hadde mysdo •
asoylede hem of hor sunne : ⁊ in godes bendes lay
so he lay al þulke tyme : ⁊ also þen friday •
He let clupie þen saterday : his breþren byuore him alle •
bed hem halbe good day : ⁊ sede wat scholde byualle •
let him don al is riȝtes : ⁊ our lordes flesc nom •
His soule wende out of þis wordle : ⁊ wel sone to heuene com •
Nyne hondred ȝer ⁊ four score : ⁊ in þe eyteþe ȝer • {Obiit. Domini. Anno Clm }
He deyde after þat our lord leuedy : our lord anerþe ber
Swete lord seyn dunston : þat oure erchebiscop were
Bryng ous to þe Ioie of heuene : as angles þi soule bere

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