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Seint donston þe bischop

Seint donston was of ingelond ycome of gode more
meraklis oure lord dede for hym ar he were y bore
ffor þo he was in his modris wombe a candelmasse day
þat folk was at chirche y nouȝ as þe tyme hit lay
as hy stodin alle wit here lyȝt as me somtyme dede and also doþ nouȝ
here lyȝt a queynte oueral þat noman hit nyste houȝ
here lyȝt hit barned swyþe wel here lyȝt hit was al oute
þe folk stood and gret wondir hadde and wer þere for in gret doute
and by speke ek ech to ore in woche maner hit were
and houȝ hit queinte so sodeynlyche þe lyȝt þat hy bere
as þey stode and speke her of in gret wondir echon
seint donston his modir taper afere he worþ anon
þat ȝhe held þere in here honde ȝhe nyste whennes hit com
þe folk stodin and be held and gret wondir þere of nom
ne non nyste whennes hit com but þor w[?] oure lordes grace
and þere of hy tende al here lyȝt aboute al in þe place
what was þat lyȝt but our lord crist fram heuen þat lyȝt sende
and þat folke þat stodin aboute here tapris þere of hytende
bot of þat ilke holychyld þat in here wombe was þere
alle ingelond cholde ben y lyȝt bet þan hit er were

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