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þis child was y bore ny hondred ȝer⹎ and fyue and twenty ryȝt
after þat oure swete lord⹎ in his modir was alyȝt
and þe ferste ȝer of crounyng ⹎ of þe kyng aþelston
his modir het kendred⹎ his fadir het herston
þo þis chyld was an erþe y bore⹎ his frendis nam þere to hede
hy let his dan to glastyngbury ⹎ to norchin and to fede
to techen ek his beleue⹎ his pater noster and crede
þat child wex and wel y reyȝ ⹎ as hit moste nede
lyte ȝeme he non to al þis world⹎ to alle goodnesse he drouȝ
echman þat y hurde of hym speke ⹎ of hym hadde ioȝe ynouȝ
þo he was of manner witte ⹎ to his oncle he gan go
þe erchebyschop of caunturbere⹎ seint aldelme þat was þo
þat made wit hym joye y nouȝ ⹎ and eure þe leng þe more
þo he y seyȝ of his goodnesse ⹎ and of his wis tore
for domite þat he hadde of hym ⹎ he let hym sone brynge
be fore þe prince of ingelond⹎ aþelstan þe kynge
þe kyng wit hym made ioye y nouȝ⹎ and granted alle his bone
of what þyng so he wolde bidde ⹎ if it were to done
þo bad he hym an abbey⹎ þat he was on forþ y brouȝt
in þe toun of glastyngbery⹎ þat hym he ne werned nouȝt
þe kyng granted his sone anon⹎ and after hym also
edemon his broþer þat was kyng⹎ and in his power y do
To glastyngbere he wente sone⹎ þis goodman seint donston
þo boþe kynges hym ȝeue leue⹎ edemond and aþilston
of þe hous of glastyngbery ⹎ a gret ordeynour he was
and made moche of here good reule⹎ þat among hemer neuer nas
at þat house was furst by gonne⹎ four hondred ȝer by fore
and ek pre and syxty ȝer⹎ ar seint donston were y bore
ffor þer was ordre of monkes⹎ ar seint patrik com
and ar seint austyn to ingelond⹎ brouȝt furst cristyndom
and seint pateryk deyde⹎ four hondred and to and syxty ȝer
after þat oure swete leuedy⹎ oure lord an erþe ber
and none monkes þer ner ferst⹎ bete as in hydyng echon
and as men drowe to wildirnesse⹎ for drede of goddees soon
seint donston and seint aþelwold⹎ as oure lord crist say
y ordred to prestes were⹎ as in one day
þerafter sone to glastingbery⹎ seint donston anon wede
and abbot he was suþ þer ymade⹎ his lyf for to amende
and for he nolde by his wiffe⹎ non tyme idel be
a preue smery by his selfe⹎ he let make to yre
ffor whan he moste of his orysones⹎ reste for werynesse
to worke he wolde pore men⹎ þe whyle he myȝte dure
al day for þe leue of god⹎ he ne kepte of hem non hure
and whan he sat at his work þer⹎ his honden and his dede
and his herte at jhesus crist⹎ his mouþ his hedes eure bede
so þat al at otyme⹎ he was at þer stedis
his honden þer ⹎ his herte to god⹎ his mouþ to bidde tohis hedis
and þerfore þe lond hadde to hym⹎ gret enuye and onde
atyme he com to his smeþy⹎ al one hym to fonde
lyȝt as þe sonne ȝede adoit⹎ as þey he a woman were
and spake myd hym of his worke⹎ myd stad leyȝenge chere
and seyde þat he hadde mydwy hym⹎ gret werke to done

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