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trusting he smot her and þerand in an oþer tale sone
just holyman hadde gret wondir⹎ þat was her and þere
he sat longe and hym be þouȝ⹎who so þat hit were
þo he be þouȝt hym who hit was ⹎ he drouȝ forþ his tonge
and layde hym in þe hote feer ⹎and spake fayr wel longe
ffort þe tonge was alle afureand suppe stille ynouȝ
þe deuel he hente by þe nose⹎and suppe wel faste drouȝ
he twende and chok here by þe nose⹎ þat þe feer out blaste
þe deuel wrikked her and þer ⹎ and euer he held wel faste
he ȝal and hoped and drouȝ aȝen ⹎and maked grislyche bere
he nolde for al his byȝete⹎þat he hadde y come þere
wit his tonge he str[ok?] his nose⹎and twinched hym euer sore
for hit was wit in nyȝt ⹎ þat he ne myȝt yse namore
þe chrewe was glad and blyþe ynouȝ ⹎ þo he was out his honde
he fleyȝ and gradde by þe lyft⹎ þat men hym herd in to alle þe londe
But out what haþ þis calw y do ⹎ what haþ þis calf y do
yn þe contrey men herde wide ⹎ houȝ he gradde so
as good þe chreue hadde y be ⹎ habbe y snyt atome his nose
he ne hyed namore þedirward ⹎ to tolyed hym of þe pose
Þis holyman seint donston ⹎ hadde gret power
wit kyng edemond þat was þo ⹎ and was alle his conseyler
after kyng edemonde his doþe ⹎ a good whyle þer was agoon
þat edewyne his sone was kyng ymade ⹎ and nouȝt afterward anon
þis edewin hadde euel red⹎ and þer after he drouȝ⹎
wit seint donston he was wroþ ⹎ syker with gret wouȝ
of his abbeye he dede hym out ⹎ and dede hym chame y nouȝ
þe more chame þat he hym dede ⹎ þe more þis goodman louȝ
he drof hym out of ingelonde⹎ and let hym c[?] yfleme
þis goodman wente forþ wel glade⹎ ne toke he neuerȝeme
to þe abbey of seint amounde⹎ by ȝmde þe see he drouȝ
and soiourned þer longe⹎ and ladde good lyf ynouȝ
⹎after kyng edwynys deþ ⹎ edgar þat was his broþir
was kyng ymad for he was ⹎ ner þan eny oþer
swyþe goodmon he by com ⹎ and loued wel holycherche
and echman þat hym þer to ladde⹎ after hy he gan werche
Men tolde hym of seint donston⹎ þat his broþer brouȝt of londe
wit onryȝt for his goodnesse ⹎ and by gan hym ondirstonde
after hym he sente anon ⹎ þat he com aȝen sone
and bleued his conseyler ⹎ of þat he haued to done
seint donston com hom aȝen ⹎and fayre was ondirfonge
and hadde his abbey alle in pes ⹎ fin wham he was so longe
wit þe kyng he was swyþe wel ⹎ and was alle his conseiler
moche me spak of his goodnesse⹎wel wide fer and ner
hit be fil þat þe bysschop⹎ of wirsetre was ded
þe kyng and þe erchbysschop⹎ þer of nom here red
and þe holy abot seint donston⹎ bysschop þey made þere
to make hym herre in goddes laue⹎his wil þey hit nere
somme asked of þe erchbisschop⹎ of caunturbery syre eode
wherfore he hym made bysschop⹎ and his gracis were so gode
ffor he chal guaþ þis[?] goodman⹎ after me here be
erchebysschop of caunturbery⹎ and þat men may jse
what wostouȝ er sedeþ oþer sede⹎ þou spekest follyche yjis
nostou namore þan þy foot ⹎ for up god alle hit is
my loue frond and þis goodman⹎ ne dorre ȝe me blame nouȝt
wel y wot what oure lord cryst⹎ in my mouþ haueþ y brouȝt

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