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as who seiþ of þilke þing ⹎ þat he haþ in me ysed
tellen ymay þeyȝ hit by falle ⹎ after þat ich am ded
Bysschop he was of londn ⹎ seint donston suþþe also
of london and of wirsetrerand helde boþe to
suþþe hit by fulle þat þe erchebysschop ⹎ of caunturbere was ded
þe pope and þe kyng edegar ⹎ þer of hy nom here sed
and þe gode seint donston ⹎ erchebysschop mad þere
and alle men þat hym y kneue ⹎ wel glad þer of were
cristinmen of ingelond⹎ to gode stat he drouȝ
and þe ryȝtes of holycherche⹎ he held up faste ynouȝ
he fourmed þorw out al ingelond ⹎ þat eche person cholde chese
to wetye hym chast fram lecherye ⹎ oþer here cherche lese
seint aþelwold was þilke tyme ⹎ bysschop of winchestre
and seint oswold þat goodman was ⹎ bysschop of wirsetre
þese tweye bysschopes and seint donston ⹎ weren alle at one rode
and edgar þe gode kyng ⹎ to don þis gode dede
þese þre bysschopis wente aboute ⹎ þorw out al ingelonde
and ech leþre person out caste⹎ ne myȝt hem non astonde
here chertes and hereer gode ⹎ clenlyche hem bynome
and bysotte hit on gode men ⹎ þorwȝ þe popes graunt of rome
and eȝte and fourty abbeys ⹎ of monk and of nonne
of þe tresour þat hy rered in ingelon ⹎ of persones so ywone
and so hit was wel bet bysette⹎ þan hit was er on schrewen
ffor whanne good maystris beþ ⹎ some godnesse hy wolleþ scheuen
gode were þese þre bysschopes ⹎ þat at one tyme weren þo
and ȝut ingelond is þe betre for hem ⹎ and worþ for euremo
Oure lord ȝaf an erþe ⹎ seint donston wel fayr grace
þat on atyme as he was ⹎ in apreue place
his fadir and his modir ek ⹎ in þe ioye of heuen an hyȝ
aft þat hy ded were heþe ⹎ aportlyche he syȝ
wel gret loue oure lord hym cudde⹎ when he hym schoued þere
so moche of his preuete ⹎ þe whyle þat he alyue were
as he lay an oþer tyme ⹎ in his reste anyȝt
he seyȝ þe ioye of heyene⹎ and þe place þer in wel bryȝt
aungoles he herde also synge ⹎ and merye song þer inne
þat men syngeþ ȝit in holycherche ⹎ whanne doþ masse bygynne
kyrieleyson ⹎ and xpemeleyso ⹎ was þat murie song
þis holyman þat þis y hurd ⹎ ne þoȝt þis nouȝt to long
wel auȝt he to heuene come ⹎ aftir his ending day
whan he þe whyle he was alyue ⹎ so moche of heue ysay
harpe he loued swyþe wel ⹎ he couþe of harpe ynouȝ
aday as he sat in his so bas ⹎ and alay þer on drouȝ
he hend it up by þe wolle ⹎ þo hit was tyme to ete
þo hit was redy þer to y brouȝt ⹎ he sat adoun to his mete
of heuene he gan to þenche sone ⹎ of ioye þat was þere
of þe blisse þat was þer among ⹎ haluen þat þer were
he sat as he were ynome ⹎ so moche þer on he þouȝte
his harpe þat hyng by þe wowe ⹎ of wham he lyte þouȝte
by gan to kyþe his holy þouȝt ⹎ ded ore þey it were
as oure lordes wille was ⹎ as yhurde alle þat wer þere
an by hym sulf he gan to harpe ⹎ amery steuene y wis
þat me syngeþ ȝit in holycherche⹎ þat an englichs is þis
alle halwen soules glade beþ ⹎ þat in heuene beþ y do
þat sueþ oure lordes weye ⹎ and for hym chadde here blood also

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