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þat blood for his swete loue ⹎ and þerfore hy chosseþ wone
and kynges be wit outen ende ⹎ with crist goddes sone
þis andrim þat murie is ⹎ as þis folk herden alle
þe harpe song by hym selue ⹎ as he kyng by þe walle
ffayr grace ouer ford scheued þer ⹎ whan þat þe dede tre
so scholde synge of þilke ioye ⹎ þat he chold in be
lord y heryed be þy grace ⹎ and þy myȝt also
þat þu wast for hym alyue here ⹎ soche merakle do
Þo þis holymon hadde y leued⹎ an erþe many aday
and his ende was ny y come ⹎ as he hym sulf ysay
an holyþorsday he fyl syk ⹎ as hit fil in þe ȝere
he let ofsende his frendis ⹎ þat spesial with hym were⹎
his men þat hym seruedek ⹎ he let clepy also
and for ȝaf hem alle here trespas ⹎ þat hy hym hadde mysdo
and asoyled hem of here synne ⹎ and in goddes bendes lay
and so he lay alle þulke tyme ⹎ and also þe fryday
he let clepen þe saterday ⹎ þe freres byfore hym alle
and bade hem alle good day ⹎ and seyde what scholde by falle
and let hym do alle his ryȝtes ⹎ and oure lordes flesch nom
his soule wente out of þis werlde ⹎ and sone to heuene come
Nyne hondred ȝer and fourscore ⹎ and in þe eȝteþeȝere
he deyde after þat oure leuedy ⹎ oure lord on erþe bere
and þus endeþ þe lyf ⹎ of þis holy seint donston
þat with gret trebelacioun and anyȝ ⹎ ouercom his son
and wente to þe ioye þat neuer ne chal mysse⹎
How jhesus for þyn holyname ⹎ grant us þat ilke blisse {Amen}

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