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Seint Dunston was of enguelonde · i-come of guode more ·
Miracle vr lord dude for him · ȝit he was vnbore ·
For þo he was in his modur wombe · a Candelmasse day ·
Muche folk was at Chirche · as hit to þe tyme lay ·
As heo stoden alle wiþ heore liht · as me stondeth ȝit now ·
Heore liht queynte oueral · ac neuer on nuste how ·
Her riht hit brende swiþe wel · and her riht hit was oute ·
Þat folk stod in gret wondur · and weoren ek in gret doute ·
And speken euerich to oþur · in whuche maner hit were ·
Þat it qweynte so sodeynliche · þat liht þat heo beere ·
As heo stoden and þerof speken · in gret wonder vchon ·
Seint Dunstones Modur Taper · a fuire wory anon ·
Þat heo huld in hire hond— · heo nuste ȝwannes it cam ·
Þat folk stod · and þis bi held · and gret wondur þerof nom ·
No mon nuste fro whenne hit com · bote þorwh vr lordes grace ·
Þer of heo tenden al heore liht · þat weoren in þulke place ·
What was þat  þat vr lord crist · from heuene þat liht sende ·
And þat folk · þat stode þer aboute · heore taperes þerof tende ·
Bote þat of þulke holy child · þat in hire wombe was þere ·
Al Engelonde scholde ilihted beo · betere þen hit euere were
Þo þis Child was ibore · his frendes nomen þerto hede
Heo letten hit do to Glastyngburi · to norischen and to fede ·
To techen him ek · of his bileue · Pater noster and Crede
Þat child wox · and wel iþeih · as hit moste nede
Luytel ȝeme he nom to þe world · to alle godnesse he drouh ·
Vche mon þat herde of him speke · hedde of him · ioye inouh
Þo he was of Monnes wit · to his vncle he gan go
Þe Erchebisschop of Caunterburi · Aldelm þat was þo ·
Wiþ him he made ioye inouh · and euere so lengor so more
Þo he sayh of his godnesse · and of his wyse lore ·
For gret deynte þat he hedde of him · he lette him sone bringe
To þe prince of Engelonde · Adelston þe kynge ·
Þe kyng him maude Ioye inouh · and grauntede al his bone
Of what þing þat he him wolde bidde · ȝif hit weore to done ·
Seynt Dunston him bad a place · þo he was forþ ibrouht ·
In þe Toun of Glastingburi · þat he him warnde nouht ·
Þe kyng him grauntede his bone þo · and aftur hym also ·
Edmund his broþer þo he was kyng · and in pouwer was ido ·
To Glastyngburi he wende sone · þe goode Mon seynt Dunston ·
Þo · boþe þe kynges ȝeue him leue · Edmund and Adelfston ·
A feir Abbey he lette þer arere · as me iseo ȝit þer stonde ·
Of Blake Monkes · þas was arered · furst in Engelonde
For vche Abbey of Engelonde · þat of Blake Monkes is ·
Of þe hous of Gastingburi · furst sprong and com iwis ·
Him self he nom þe Abite þere · and Monk furst bi com ·
Sone he was Abbot of þulke hous · and gret Couent to him nom ·
And made þere Godus seruyse · studefast and stable inouh ·
Þe Couent þat þerinne was · to alle godnesse drouh ·
Þis holi Mon seint Dunston · hedde gret pouwer ·
With þe kyng Edmund þat was þo · al his Counseyler ·
Aftur kyng Edmundus deþe · a godewhile þer was agon ·
Þat Egwyne his sone was kyng ymad · ac not after anon ·
Þis Egwyne hedde wel vuel red · and þer aftur he drouh ·
Wiþ seint Dunston he was wroþ · and wiþ wel gret wouh ·
Of his Abbeye he drof him out · and dude him schome inouh ·
So more schome þat he him dude · so more þe goode mon louh ·
He let him driuen out of Engelonde · and let him crie fleme ·
Þe gode mon wende him forþ gladliche · and þerof nom no ȝeme ·
To þe Abbeye of seint Amaunt · bi ȝonde þe see he drouh ·
And soiornde þere longe · and good lyf ladde inouh ·
Þo þe king Egwyne was ded · Edward þat was his broþur ·
Aftur him was kyng ymad · for he was neer þen anoþur ·
Swiþe good mon he bi com · and louede wel holy Churche ·
And vche mon · þat him þerto radde · aftur him he gon worche ·
Me tolde him of seint Dunston · þat his broþur drof out of londe ·
Wiþ vnriht for his goodnesse · and gon him vndurstonde ·
Aftur him he sende anon · þat he come to him sone ·
And also ben his Counseyler · of þat he hedde to done ·

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