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Þo þis child was ybore  þe frendes tok þerto hede 
Þei let hit do to glastenbury  to norisshe ⁊ to fede ·
To teche him his bileue  þe pater noster ⁊ þe crede 
Þe child wex ⁊ wel they  as it moste neode ·
Litel ȝeme he tok to þe world  to al godnes he drow 
Eche man þat herde of him speke  of him hadde ioye y-
now ·
Þo he was of mannes wit  to his vncle he can go
Þe erchebisshop of Canterbury  seint Aldelm þat was þo ·
Þat made wiþ him ioye ynow  ⁊ euer þe lenger þe more 
Þo he sey of his godenes  ⁊ of his wise lore ·
Fore deinte þat he hadde of him  he let him sone bringe
Bifore þe prince of engelond  Athelston þe kinge
Þe king him made ioye ynow · ⁊ grantede al his bone 
Of what thing so he wolde bidde  if it were to done ·
Þo bad he him an abbey · þat he was inne forþ brought 
In þe toun of glastenbury · þat he him werne nought ·
Þe king granted him his bone anon  ⁊ after him also 
Edmond his broþer þat was king  ⁊ in his poer do ·
To glastenbury went sone  þe godeman seint donston 
Boþe þese kinges him ȝeue leue  edmond ⁊ athelston ·
Of þe hous of glastenburi  a gret ordeynour he was 
⁊ made mikel of here gode Reule  þat neuer er among hem
nas ·
And þat hous was first bigonne  foure hondred ȝere bifore 
⁊ ek threo ⁊ fifti ȝer  er seint donston were bore ·
For þere was ordre of monkes  er seint patrik com 
⁊ er sein Austyn to engelond  broughte Cristendom ·
And sein patrik diede foure hondred  ⁊ two ⁊ fyfty ȝer 
After þat oure swete lady  oure lord on erthe ber ·
At no monkes þer nere first  bot in hiding echone 
⁊ as men þat drowe to wildernes  for doute of godes fone ·
Seint donston ⁊ seint Athelwold  as oure lord besay
I ordeined to prestes were  bothe in on day ·
Þer after sone to glastenburi  seint donston him wend ·
Abbot he was þer inne y mad · his lif to amende ·
And for he wolde bi his wille  no time ydell beo 
A priue smeþi bi his celle  he gan him biseo ·
For whan he moste of his orisone  rest for werinesse 
To wirken he wolde his hondes do  to fleo ydelnesse ·
Serue he wolde pore men  þe whiles he might dure 
Alday for þe loue of god · he kept of hem non hure ·
So þat at a time he was  in threo maner stedes 
His hondes þere  his herte at god his mouth to bidde his
bedes ·
Þerfore þe deouel to him hadde  gret enuie ⁊ onde 
A time he com to his smeþi alone him to fonde ·
Right as þe sonne ȝeode adone  as he a womman were
⁊ spak to him of his werk  with glad lauhwing chere ·
And seide þat she hadde wiþ him  gret werk to done 
Trufling þe shrewe was here ⁊ þere  ⁊ in an oþer tale sone

Þis holy man hadde gret wondur
Þat she was here ⁊ þere
He sat long ⁊ bithought him
Who þat it were ·
Þo he bithouȝt him who it was 
He drow forþ his tange 
And seide it in þe hote fyr 
And spak faire lange ·
Til þe tong was al hoot 
⁊ sithe stille y now 
Þe deuel he hent bi þe nose 
⁊ wel faste drow ·
He twynede ⁊ shok hi bi þe
nose 
Þat þe fyr out blaste 
Þe deuel wrikked here ⁊ þer 
he held euere faste ·
He ȝal ⁊ hipte ⁊ drow aȝein 
And made grisliche bere 
He nolde for al his biȝete 
Þat he hadde com þere ·
With his tonges he strok his nose 
⁊ twinede euer sore 
Til it was withinne night 
Þat he might seo nomore ·
Þe shrewe was glad ⁊ blithe
Þo he was out of honde 
And fley ⁊ gradde bi þe lift 
Þat men herde al þe londe ·
Out what haþ þis Calwe do 
What haþ þis Calwe y·do 
In þe contrey men herde wide 
Hou þe shrewe gradde so ·
As goed þe shrewe hadde beo 
I snyt at home is nose 
He hiede nomore þiderward 
To till him of þe pose ·
Þis holy Abbot seint donston 
Hadde gret poer 
Wiþ king Edmond þat was
þo 
⁊ was his counseiller ·
After king Edmondes Day 
A goed while was agon 
Þat Edwine his sone was king 
⁊ not afterward anon ·
Þis edwine hadde yuel red 
⁊ þer after he drow 
Wiþ seint donston he was wroþ
Siker with gret wough ·
Of his abbey he dide him out 
⁊ dede him shame y now 

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