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Al bi it self bigan to harpe  A merie note y wis 
þat men singeþ ȝette in holy chirche  þat on englissh is þis
Alle halwen souled glad beoþ  þat in heuene be y do 
þat seweþ oure lordes weie  ⁊ for him shedde also ·
Here blod for his swete loue  þerfore þei shole wone 
⁊ kinges beo wiþ outen ende  wiþ Crist godes sone ·
Þis is a steuene þat merie is  as þat folk herde alle 
þe harpe song al bi it self  as it heng bi þe walle ·
Þo þis holi man hadde liuede  on erthe many day 
⁊ his ending day was neye come  þat him self say ·

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