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SEint Dunstan was of Ingelond : ⁊ come of good more ·
Meraclis oure lord dide for him : or he were I bore ·
For whan he was in his modir wombe : a candilmes day ·
Þere were folk at churche I nowe : as it to þe tyme lay ·
As he stoden alle wiþ here liȝt : and as men to ȝit now ·
Sodeinli it queinte at ones : ⁊ non wiste how ·
Riȝt as it brente wel : ⁊ was so sone al oute ·
Þe folk stode in gret wondir : ⁊ were þerof in gret doute ·
And how it queynte sodenli : þ liȝt þat þei seiȝe · bere ·
Alle þe folk merveile hadde : ⁊ in gret fere were ·
As þei stode and speke þerof : in gret wondir echon ·
Seint dunstanis modris tapris : a fere wixe anon ·
As sche it held in hire hond : sche nyste whens it cam ·
Þe folk þat stode ⁊ bi helde : gret wonder þerof nam ·
But onn wiste when it cam : but þoro goddis grace ·
Þerof þei tendid al here liȝt : a boute in þe place ·
What be tokeneþ þat but þat oure lord crist : þat liȝt fro heuyn sente ·
And þe folk þat stode a boute : here tapris þer of tente ·
But þoro þat holi child : þat in hire wombe was þere ·
Al ingelond schulde be liȝt : bet þan euere it were ·
Þe child was bore · ix · hondrid ȝer : and · xxv · riȝt ·
After þat oure lord : of his modir was a liȝt ·
And þe ferþe ȝer of þe corounynge : of þe king adelston ·
His modir hiȝte kynedride : ⁊ his fadir herston ·
Þo þis child was bore : his frendis toke to rede ·
Þei lete it do to glastyngbery : to noriche ⁊ to fede ·
To teche him ek þis bi leue : pater noster and crede ·
Þat child wix and wel theigh : as it moste nede ·
Lite ȝeme he tok of þe world : to alle goodnes he drough ·
Eche man þat herde of him speke : of him hadde ioye I nough ·
Þo he was of mannes witt : to his vncle he gan go ·
He made wiþ him ioie I nough : seint aldelm þat was þo ·
Þe erchebischop of caunterberi : ⁊ euer lengere þe more ·
Þo he seigh of his goodnes : and of his wise lore ·
For deynte þat he hadde of him : he let him sone bringe ·
Be fore þe prince of Ingelond : adelston þe kinge ·

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