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Þe king made of him ioye Inough : ⁊ grauntid al his bone ·
Of þat þing þat he wolde bidde : ȝif it were to done ·
Þo bad he him an abbei : þere he was forþ brouȝt ·
In þe toun of glastynbery : þat he warned it nouȝt ·
Þe king grauntid him his bone : ⁊ aftir him also ·
Edmond his broþer þat was king : ⁊ in his powere was do ·
To glastingbery wente sone : þe goode man seint dunston
Þat abbei þese kingis hem ȝeue : boþe edmond and adelston ·
Of þe hous of glastingbery : a gret ordeynour he was ·
And made meche of here goode reule : þat among hem neuere er was ·
And þat hous was first be gunne : foure hundrid ȝer to fore ·
And ek þre and fyfty ȝer : or seint dunston were I bore ·
For þe ordre of monkis : or seint patric com ·
And or seint austin to Ingelond : brouȝte cristindom ·
And seint patrik deide : foure hundrid and ·lij· ȝer ·
Aftir þat oure ladi : oure lord on erþe ber ·
But no monkis þere were first : but as in hidinge echon ·
And as men þat drowe to wildernes : for dred of goddis fon ·
Seint Dunston ⁊ seint adelwold : as oure lord it be say ·
Þei too pristis ordeyned were : boþe on oo day 
Þere after sone to glastingbery : seint donston a non wente ·
Abbot he was þer in Imad : his lijf for to amende ·
And for he wolde not bi his wille : no tyme ydil be ·
A priue smytthe bi his celle : he gan him be se ·
For whan he moste of his orisouns : reste for werynes ·
To werke he wolde his handis do : to fle ydilnes ·
Serue he wolde pore men : whil he myȝte dure ·
Al dai for þe loue of god : he kepte of hem non hure ·
And whan he sat at his werk : he kepte of hem non hure ·
And his herte at ihesu crist : his mouþ bedis sede ·
So þat al at on tyme : he was at þre stedis ·
His handis at his werk · his herte at ihesu crist : his mouþ to bidde his bedis ·
Þerfore þe deuil hadde to him : gret envie and onde ·
A tyme he cam to his smytthe : ⁊ a lone him fonde ·
Riȝt as þe sonne ȝede a doun : as he a womman were ·
And spak wiþ him of his werk : wiþ laughinge chere ·
And seide þat sche hadde wiþ him : gret þing for to done ·
Triflynge sche smot hire : into an oþer tale fone ·
Þis holi man hadde gret wondir : þat sche was here and þere ·
He sat longe ⁊ be þouȝte him narwe : ho þat it were ·
Þo he be þouȝte ho it was : he drough forþ his tonge ·
And leide it in þe hote fier : ⁊ spac faire wol longe ·

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