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Til þe tonge was al firy : and sithe stille Inough ·
Þe deuel he hente be þe nose : and wol faste drough ·
He wente ⁊ tok hire be þe nose : þat fier oute þere blaste ·
Þe deuil wrikkid hidir ⁊ þider : ⁊ he held euere faste ·
He ȝal ⁊ hupte ⁊ drough a ȝen : ⁊ made grisli bere ·
He nolde for al his bi ȝete : þat he hadde come þere ·
Wiþ his tonge he strok his nose : ⁊ twyned hem euere sore
Til it was wiþ inne nyȝt : þat he myȝte so no more
Þe schrewe was wol bliþe : þo he was out of his hond ·
And fleigh ⁊ gradde be þe weiȝe : þat men him herde in al þe lond ·
Out what haþ þis calwe I do : what haþ þis calwe I do ·
In þe contre men herde wide : how þe schrewe gradde so ·
As good þe schrewe hadde ben at hom : Ismyte on his nose ·
He hiȝed no more hidirward : to tilie him of þe pose ·
Þis holi abbot seint dunston : hadde gret power
Wiþ þe king edmond þat was þo : ⁊ was al his counseler
After king edmondis dai : a good while was Igon ·
Þat edwin his sone was king : ⁊ not afterward a non ·
Þis edwin hadde euil red : and þer after he drough ·
Wiþ seint dunston he was wroþ : sikir wiþ gret wough ·
Of his abbei he drof him out : ⁊ dide him schame Inough ·
Þe more schame þat he him dide : þe more þe goode man lough ·
He drof him out of ingelond : ⁊ let him crie fleme ·
Þis goode man wente forþ wol glad : he tok þerer of no ȝeme ·
To þe see of seint amand : be ȝounde þe se he him drough ·
And soiorned longe þere : ⁊ ledde good lijf Inough ·
After king edwines dai : edgar þat was his broþir
Was king Imad : for he was ner þan ony oþer ·
A riȝt good man he bi cam : ⁊ louyd wel holi chirche ·
And eche man þat him þerto radde : after him he gan wirche ·
Men tolde him of seint dunston : þat his broþir drof of londe ·
Wiþ vn riȝt ⁊ for his goodnes : he gan him vnderstonde ·
After him he sente a non : þat he come a ȝen sone ·
And so bi leue his counseler : of þat he hadde to done
Seint donston cam hom a ȝen : ⁊ faire was vndirfonge ·
And hadde his abbei al in pes : fro þe which he was longe ·
Wiþ þe king he was riȝt wel : ⁊ was al his counseller ·
Meche men speke of his goodnes : wide ferre and ner
It be fel þat þe bischop : of wircetre was ded ·
Þe king and þe erchebischop ode : þer of toke here red ·
And þe holi aboot seint dunston : bischop þei made þere ·
To make him heiȝere in goddis lawe : his wille þeih it nere ·

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