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Angellis he herde also [?] : a merie song þer inne ·
Þat men synge in holi chirche : whan þe messe [?]
Kyrielison christeleyson : was þe merye songe ·
Þis holi man þat þis herde : þouȝte no þing long ·
Wel auȝte he to [?] : al his [?] lay ·
Whan he whil he a lyue was : so meche of heyun say ·
Harpe he louede wel : of harpe he coude I nough ·
On a dai he sat in his solace : ⁊ a lay þerinne he brough ·
Þe harpe he heng on þe wough : þo it was tyme to ete ·
And þo it was þer to [?] : he [?] to his mete ·
Of heuyn he gan to priche sone : ⁊ of ioye þat was þere ·
And of blis þat þere was : a mong halwes þat þere were ·
He [?] no he were nome : so meche þerinne he þouȝte ·
Þis harpe þat heng bi þe wough : of whiche he lite rouȝte ·
He gan to ioye his holi þouȝt : ded tre þeih it were ·
As oure lordis wille was : þei herte all þat þere were ·
Al be it silue it gan to harpe : a meri gle Iwis
Þat men synge ȝit in holi chirche þat on englisch is þis ·
Alle halwe soulis glade ben : þat in heuyn ben I co ·
Þat [?] oure lordis weiȝe : ⁊ sai him schedde his blod also ·
Here blod for his swete loue : þerinne þei schulde wone
And kingis be wiþ outen ende : wiþ crist goddis sone ·
Þis is riȝt a meri steuene : as þe folk herdin alle ·
Þe harpe bi þe selue : as sche heng bi þe walle ·
Fair grace oure lord him sente : þat whan þe dede tre ·
So schulde synge of þe ioye : þat he schulde inne Ibe ·
Lord worschipid be þi grace : and þi myȝt also ·
Þat þou woldist so him here a lyue : merale Ico ·
Þo þis man had [?] lyued on erþe many a day ·
And his ende þo was neigh come : as he him selue say ·
On þe holi þorsdai he wiþ [?] : as fel in þe ȝere ·
He let soule after his frendis : þat [?] to him were ·
His men þat him serued ek : he let be clepe also ·
And forȝiue hem al here trespas : þat þei him hadde Ido ·
And asoiled hem of here synnes : as he in goddis bendis lay ·
And so he lai al þat day : ald also þe friday ·
He let clepe þe saterday : his breþere he [?] him alle ·
And bad hem alle good day : ⁊ wite what schulde be calle ·
He let him do alle his riȝtis : ⁊ oure lordis flesch name ·
His soule wente out of þis world : ⁊ riȝt sone to heuyn cam ·
Nyne hundrid ȝer ⁊ foure [?] : ⁊ in þe eighthe ȝer ·
He [?] þat oure ladi : oure lord on erþe ber ·

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