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Þat made wiþ him Ioye y non · ⁊ euere þe leng þe more
Þo he y sey of is godnesse · ⁊ of is wise lore
For deinte þat he hadde of him · he let hym sone brynge
By fore þe prince of engelond · aþelston þe kynge
Þe kyng him made Ioye ynon · ⁊ grantede al is bone
Of wat þing so he wolde bidde · ȝif it were to done
{//}Þo bade he him an abbey · þat he was on forþ ybroȝt
In þe toun of glastynbury· þat · þat him ne wernde noȝt
Þe king him grantede is bone anon · ⁊ after him also
Edmond is broþer þat was king ·⁊ in is poer ydo
To glastinbury wende sone· þe gode man sein donston
Þo boþe þe kynges him ȝeue leue · edmond ⁊ aþelston
Of þe hous of glastinbury · a gret ordeyn[a?]r? he was
And made muche of hor gode rule · þat neuer er among hom nas
Ac þat hous þat was ferst by gonne foure hondred ȝer by fore
And eke þre ⁊ fifty ȝer / ar sein donston were y bore
For þer was ordres of monekes · ar sein patric come
And ar sein Austin to engelond · broȝte cristindome
And seint patric deide foure hundred · ⁊ to ⁊ fifty ȝere
After þat oure swete lady · oure lorde anerþe bere
Ac non monekes þer nere ferst · bote as in hudynge echon
⁊ as men þat drow to wildernesse · for drede of godes fon
{//}Sein donston ⁊ seint aþelwolde · as oure lorde it by say
Iordeyned to prestes were · boþe in one day
Þer after sone to glastinburi · sein donston anon wende
Abbot he was þer Inne ymade · is lyf þeruore to amende
And for he nolde by is wille · no time ydel be
A pryue smieþþe by is celle · he gan him by se
For wan he moste of is oryson · reste for werinesse
To worke he wolde is honden do · to fle ydelnesse
Seruy he wolde pore men · þe wile he myȝte dure
Al day for þe loue of god · he ne kepte of hom non hure
And wanne he sat at is worke þer · is honden at is dede
And is herte at ihesuss crist · is mouþ is beden sede
So þat al at one time · he was in þre studes
Is honden þere· is herte at god · is mouþ to bidde is bedes

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