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After king edwines deþe · edgar þat was is broþer
Was king y made for he was · ner þan eny oþer
Swiþe godeman he by com · ⁊ louede holy chirche
And eche man þat him þerto radde · after hym he gan werche
Me tolde him of sein donston · þat is broþer drof of londe
Wiþ vnriȝt for is godenesse · ⁊ by gan him vnder stonde
After him he sende anon · þat he come aȝen sone
And by leuede is conseiler / of þat he hadde to done
{//}Sein donston com hom aȝen · ⁊ feyre was vnder fonge
And hadde is abbey al in pes · fram wan he was longe
Wiþ þe king he was swiþe wel · ⁊ was al is conseiler
Muche me spake of is godenesse · wyde fer ⁊ ner
Hit byfel þat þe bissop · of Wircestre was ded
Þe king ⁊ þe erchebissop ode · þer of nom hor red
And þe holy abbot sein donston · bissop hy made þere
To make him herre in god is lawe · is wille þei it nere
Somme men esste of þe erchebissop · of kanterbury sire ode
Ware fore he him bissop made · ⁊ is graces were so gode
For he ssal quaþ þis gode man · after me here be
Erchebissop of kanterbury · ⁊ þat me ssal y se
Wat woston þis oþer sede · þon spexst foliche y wis
Noston namore þan þi fot · vpe god al it is
{//} My leue frend quaþ þis gode man · ne dorre ȝe me blame noȝt
Wel y wote wat oure lord crist · in my mouþ haþ y broȝt
As ho seiþ of þat þinge · þat he haþ in me y sede
Telle y may þei it by falle · after þat y am dede
Bissop he was of londone · sein donston suþþe also
Of londone ⁊ of wircestre · ⁊ huld boþe to
Hit by fel þat þe erchebissop · of kanterbury was ded
Þe pope ⁊ þe kyng edgar / þer of nom hor red
And made þe gode sein donston · erche bissop þere
Gode men þat him y knewe · wel glade þer of were
Cristendom of engelonde · to gode stat he drou
And riȝtes of holy chirche · he huld vp fast ynou
He formede þoru al englonde · þat eche person ssolde chese
To wite him chast fram lecherie · oþer is chirche lese
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