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By gan to cuþe is holy þoȝt · dede tre þei it were
As oure lordes wille was · as hurde alle þat were þere
Al by him sulue he gan to harpe · amarye steuine y wis
Þat me singþ ȝut in holy chirche · þat an englisse is þis
{//} Al halwe soulis glade beþ · þat in heuene beþ y do
Þat syweþ oure lordes wey · ⁊ for hym scedde also
Hor blode for is swete loue · þer fore hy solle wone
And kinges be wiþ outen ende · wiþ crist godes sone
Þis is a steuine þat murie is · as þe folke hurde alle
Þe harpe song al by hym sulue · as he heng by þe walle
Feyre grace oure lorde hym ssewede þar / wan þat dede tre
So ssolde singe of þat Ioye · þat he ssolde Inne be
Lorde y herede be þy grace· ⁊ þi miȝt also
Þat þou wost for him here a lyue · suche miracle do
Þo þis holy man hadde y lyued · anerþe many oday
And is ende day was ney y come · as he hym sulf ysay
An holy þores day he worþ sike · as it fel in þe ȝere
He let of sende is frendis · þat specials him were
His men þat him serued eke · he let hom clypie also
And for ȝef hom al hor trespas · þat hy him hadde y do
A soiled hom of hore sinne · ⁊ in godes bende lay
And so he lay al þat time · ⁊ also þe fryday
He let calle þe saterday · þe freres by fore him alle
And bade hom alle gode day · ⁊ sede wat ssolde by falle
And let him do al is riȝtes · ⁊ oure lordes fleisse nom
Is soule wende sone out of þis worle · ⁊ wel sone to heuene com
Ny hondred ȝere ⁊ foure score · ⁊ in þe eyȝteþ ȝere
He deide after þat oure lady · oure lorde anerþe bere
Nou swete lorde sein donston · þat oure erche bissop were
Bring vs to þe Ioye of heuene · as angeles þy soule bere

{Gaudent in celis
anime sanctorum}


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