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þat folc stode in gret wonþer ⁊ was þer of in gret doute
⁊ bispeke ek ech to oþer in wich manere hit were
how hit queynte so sodenliche þe liȝt þat hi bere
¶ as hi stoþe ⁊ speke herof in gret wonþer echon
¶ sein donstones moþer tapor a fere word a non
þat ȝhe held des in here hond heo nuste whannes hit com
þat folc stoþ ⁊ biheld . ⁊ gret wonþer þer of nom
ne non nuste whannes hit com . bote þorou oure lordes grace
þer of hi tende al hor liȝt aboute in þe place
What was þat oure lord crist fro heuen þat liȝt sende
⁊ þat folc þat stod aboute hor tapors þerof tende
bote of þat ilke holi child . þat in here wombe was þere
Al englond scholde ben y liȝt bet þan hit er were
¶ þis child was ibore nyne hondreþ ⁊ fif ⁊ twenti riȝt
after þat oure suete lord in his moþer was aliȝt
⁊ þe ferste ȝer of þe crounyng of þe king aþelston
his moþer het kinedride his fader het herston
þo þis child was an erde ibore his frend nom þerto hede
¶ hi lete hit do to glastinberi to norsi ⁊ to fede
to teche him of his bileue pater noster ⁊ crede
¶ þis child wex ⁊ wel idei as hit moste nede
litel ȝeme he nom to al þe worl to al godnesse he drou
ech man þat herde of him speke hadde of him ioie y nou
þo he was of monnes wit to his vncle he gan go
þe erchebischop of kanterberi seint aldelme þat was do
þat made wit him ioie y nou ⁊ euer þe leng þe more
þo he sei of his godnesse ⁊ of his wise lore
for deynte þat he hadde of him he let him sone bringe
bifore þe prince of ynglonde aþelston þe kinge
¶ þe kyng him made ioie ynou ⁊ granteþe al his bone
of what þing so he wolde bidde ȝif hit were to done
þo haþ he him an abbei þat he was on ford y brout
In þe toun of glastinberi þat be ne worneþe him nouȝt
¶ þe king him him granteþe his bone and . ⁊ after him also .
Edmond his broþer þat was king ⁊ in his poer ido
to glastinberi wente sone · þe godman sein dunston
þo beie þe kinges him ȝeue leue Edmund ⁊ aþelston
of þe hous of glastinberi a gret ordeinor he was
⁊ made moche of hor gode rule þat neuer er among hom nas

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