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¶ ac þat hous þat was ferst bigonne four hondred ȝer bifore
¶ ⁊ ek þre ⁊ fifti ȝer ar sein dunston were i bere
for þer was ordre of monkes ar sein patric com
⁊ ar sein Austin to englond bi ouȝte cristendom ·
⁊ som patric deide four hondreþ ⁊ to ⁊ fifti ȝer
after þat oure suete ladi · our lord an erde ber
ac none monkes þer uere verst bote as in huding echon
⁊ as men þat drowe to wilþernesse for drede of godes fon
¶ seint dunston ⁊ seint aþelwolþ as oure lord hit bisai
Iordeinet to prestes were boþ in one dai
þat after sone to glastinberi sein dunston a non wente
abbot he was þer i mad his lif þer forto amende
¶ ⁊ for he nolde bi his wille no time idel be
¶ a priue smiþþe bi his celle he gan him bi se ·
for whanne he moste of his orison reste ro werinesse
to worke he wolde his honden do to fle ydelnesse
serui he wolde pouer men þe while he miȝte dure
al dai for þe loue of god heue kepte of hom non vure
⁊ wanne he sat atis work þere his honde atis dede
⁊ his herte at ihesu crist his mouþ his beden seþe
¶ so þat al at one time he was in þre stedes
his honden dere his herte at god his mouþ to bide his bedes
þerfore þe deuel hadde to him gret enuie ⁊ onde
a time he com to his smiþþe lone him to fonde ·
riȝt as þe sonne eode adoun as he womman were
⁊ spac wit him of his worc wit leyhinde chere
⁊ sede þat he hadde wit him . gret worc to done
truflinde he smot here ⁊ dere in a noþer tale sone
¶ þis holi mon hadde gret wonder þat heo was here ⁊ þere
¶ he sat longe ⁊ biþoute him . narwe ho hit were
þo he biþouȝte him ho hit was he drou ner his tonge
⁊ leide in þe hote fere · ⁊ spac faire wel longe
forte tonge was al afere ⁊ suþþe stille y nou
¶ þe deuel he hente bi þe nose ⁊ wel faste drou
he twengþe ⁊ tok here bi þe nose þat yet fur out blaste
þe deuel wrikkeþ her ⁊ der ⁊ he helþ euer faste
¶ he ȝal ⁊ hupte ⁊ drou aȝen ⁊ made grislich bere
¶ he nolde fo al his biheste þat he hadde icome þere
Wit his tonge he stok his nose ⁊ twengþe him euer sore
fort hit was with Inne nyȝte þat he ne miȝte ise nammore

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