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Seint Dunston was of engelonde . icome of god mor
Miracle oure lord dude for him . ar he were ibore .
Vor þo he was in is moder wombe . on candelmasse day
Þat volk was at chirche meche . as to þe time lay .
As volk stod mid here liȝt . as me ʒet seþ now
Here li[..] queinte ouer al . nomon nuste how .
Here [……] barnde wel . in here riʒt was oute
Þat volk stod in gret wonder . ⁊ were þer of in doute
And bispeke ech to oþer. in whoch manere it weir
How it queinte solemeliche . þe liȝt þat heo bere .
[….] […..] and speke þer of . in gret wonder echon
Seint Dunstones moder taper . afuire wer anon .
þat heo hult in hir hond . heo nuste how it com
[.. ….] stod ⁊ [..] bihuld . ⁊ wonder þer nam .

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