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Non nuste whanne it com . bote bi godes grace
þat heo tenden al here liȝt . aboute in eche place .
Þat was oure lord crist . þat vram heuene þat liȝt sende
Al þe volk þer aboute . here tapres þer of tende
Bote of þat ilke holi child . þat in hire wombe was þere
Al engelonde scholde beo liȝt . bet þan hit was ere .
Þe child was niȝe hondred ȝer . ⁊ viue ⁊ aventi riȝt
After þat oure swete lord . mis moder was liȝt .
And in fourtene of þe coviming . of kings aþeston
His moder het quendrice. His fader het herston .
þo þis child was ibore . his vrendes nomen to him hede
Heo duden him to glastinburi . to norice ⁊ to vede .
To techen his bileue . pater noster and crede
Þe child wex ⁊ wel þeiȝ . as it moste nede .
Sure he tol[.] of þe worlde . to alle godnesse he drow
Ech man þat him seiȝ . hadde of him ioie mow .
Þo he was of mannes wit . to is vncle he gan go
Þe erchebischop of cantelburi . seint Dunston þat was þo .
⁊ made mid him ioie mow . ⁊ eil þe leng þe more
Þo he seiȝ of his godnesse . ⁊ of is wise lore
Vor deinte þat he hedde of him . he let[.] him sone bringe
Bifore þe prince of engelond . Aþelston þe kinge .
Þe king him made ioie . and grauntede al is bone
Of what he wold bidde . ȝif it were to done .
Þo bad he him an abbeiȝe . Þat he was inne vorp brouȝt.
In þe toun of glastingburi . þat he ne wernde him nouȝt .
Þe king gra ntede is bone . and after him also
Edmond is broþer þat was king . and in power ido .
To glastingburi wende sone . þe gode mon seint donston
Þo boþe him ȝeue leue . Edmund and Aþelston .
Of þe hous of Glastingburi ⁊ order or he was
He made muche of þe gode rule . þat among hem er was .
Ar þat hous was bigonne . vour hondred ȝer bifore
And þeed and visa þer to . ar seint Dunston were ibor[.]
Vor þer was ordre of monkes . ar seint patrik com
And ar seint austin to engelond . br[….]te cristendom .
Seint patrik deiȝete vour hondred ȝer [.]f to in four[..] her
After þat oure ledi . oure lord on Erþe ler[.] .
Ac none monkes nere furst . bote as u[.] briding echon
And as heo drowe to wildernesse . vor dr[..]ete of goles fon.
Seint Dunston ⁊ seint Aþelwold > as our [.] lord bissaþ
Ordeined were to prestes . boþ in o day .

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